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LANXESS Earns EPA Registrations for Imidacloprid Product Line

Press release date: September 28, 2007

LANXESS Corporation's Material Protection Products (MPP) business unit received Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration for a formulation based on the active ingredient Imidacloprid. LANXESS will market this 2.5 percent emulsifiable concentrate under the brand names PREVENTOL TM-CE 25 for manufacturing use and PREVENTOL TM-CE 25 Preservative for end-use applications. The MPP group currently offers an extensive portfolio of preservatives, fungicides and insecticides. The new Imidacloprid formulations are effective against termites and other wood destroying insects; they are suitable for the formulation of wood preservatives and protection of construction materials. These PREVENTOL products can be used in wood, wood composites, plastics and textile applications. "Certain customers find using formulated solutions easier than using product in powder form," said Dr. Navnit Upadhyay, regional manager of MPP's Wood Protection and Antifouling business line. "By offering these new formulations in addition to our existing active ingredients, we are enhancing our ability to meet customers' specific needs." "This is another example of our commitment to being a solutions provider", said Udo Reigber, Head of MPP Americas. "In addition to a broad offering of products, we have Technology Centers in the USA and other regions, regulatory and product safety specialists, and a production, distribution, sales and customer service network that offers a platform for customer growth." About Material Protection Products
The Material Protection Products business unit, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of biocidal active ingredients and formulations for the beverage industry, wood protection, cosmetics, disinfection and industrial applications, including paints, glues, slurries and related applications, is part of the Performance Chemicals segment, which achieved sales of EUR 1.977 billion in fiscal 2005. Detailed information on the Material Protection Products business unit's portfolio of products can be found at . About LANXESS
LANXESS Corporation was formed when the Bayer Group combined most of its chemical businesses and large segments of its polymer activities. The Company began operating as a legal entity in the United States on July 1, 2004. LANXESS Corporation is a member of the German LANXESS-Group that was spun-off from Bayer in January 2005. LANXESS manufactures high-quality products in the areas of chemicals, synthetic rubber and plastics. The Company's portfolio comprises basic and fine chemicals, color pigments, plastics, synthetic rubber and rubber chemicals, leather, material protection products and water treatment products. In 2006, LANXESS Corporation employed about 1,400 persons in the United States.


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