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LabAutomation Award for Innovative Dosing System

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LabAutomation Award for Innovative Dosing System

Press release date: June 17, 2009

June 16, 2009 --METTLER TOLEDO QUANTOS Dosing Systems QB1 won the New Product Award 2009 from the Association of Laboratory Automation. The prize was awarded in Palm Springs, California, USA, at the LabAutomation conference & exhibition, where important breakthroughs and most promising new products were celebrated. Among dozens of laboratory products introduced each year, the world's first benchtop system for automatically dispensing small sample quantities of powders was acknowledged the best of what's new. QUANTOS dispenses with highest precision up to 20 times faster than by hand - and with greatly improved safety. One click - and the dispensing head along with the storage container for 25, 75 or 250 error-free dispensing is mounted onto the instrument and ready for immediate use. An RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) chip in the dispensing head stores information such as substance, ID, quantity and date for safety and traceability. At the touch of a button, QUANTOS dispenses directly, accurately, and automatically into a great variety of containers. At its heart is an intelligent dispensing head including storage container for dispensing highly potent or hazardous powdery substances. Thanks to the high-precision mechanism and intelligent electronics, the dispensing heads are perfectly adapted to the dispensing instrument. Each dispensing step moves closer to the target weight without exceeding tolerances. The dispensing instrument is based on proven METTLER TOLEDO weighing technology, which controls and monitors the entire dispensing process. Even highly experienced hands struggle to attain this precision: QUANTOS dispenses to 0.5 mg with 0.005 mg readability.


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