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KVT-Koenig Becomes SFC KOENIG

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KVT-Koenig Becomes SFC KOENIG

Press release date: April 1, 2014

KVT-Koenig Becomes SFC KOENIG A new identity based on over 85 years of quality, innovation and solutions.

In April 2014, KVT-Koenig will become SFC KOENIG. This is the result of the sale of our Fastening Division to the Bossard Group in October 2012.

Our name and logo will be different, but our focus and commitment to provide the highest quality customer service and engineered solutions for sealing and flow control remains unchanged. The SFC KOENIG name and our well-known product brands, KOENIG EXPANDER® and KOENIG RESTRICTOR®, will support our mission to be the Leader in Sealing and Flow Control Technology.

SFC KOENIG carries with it the over 85 year history of KVT-Koenig:
  •  The original inventor of the one-piece, metal to metal sealing solution over 40 years ago
  •  ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Certified
  •  Over 3 billion installations
  •  0.5 PPM
Our Sealing and Flow Control Solutions

The reliable sealing of drilled holes in high pressure systems guarantees the flawless and ecologically safe functioning of engines, gearboxes and other automotive components and systems as well as hydraulic applications, and thus plays a key role for the safety of cars, equipment and tools, as well as people and the environment.

KOENIG EXPANDER® and KOENIG RESTRICTOR® are worldwide benchmarks for the instant and reliable sealing of drilled holes and best-in-class flow control and regulation of liquids. Extremely versatile, these products have established themselves as components of choice in many industrial sealing and hydraulics applications (Automotive, mobile hydraulics, equipment manufacture, and aerospace).

In the field of sealing technology SFC KOENIG offers a wide range of KOENIG EXPANDER® plugs for quick and reliable sealing of drilled holes up to pressures of 2500 bar. KOENIG EXPANDER® is a metal to metal solution for sealing auxiliary holes, available in both push (ball) style and pull style.

In the field of flow control SFC KOENIG offers KOENIG RESTRICTOR® as a metal to metal solution for controlling the flow in a fluid system (orifice restrictor). The expansion type KOENIG RESTRICTOR® orifices are highly reliable solutions for precision flow control and regulation.

Our sealing and flow control solutions install into a drilled hole with no reaming required. The metal to metal seal eliminates potential for leaks associated with O-rings, gaskets or other traditional sealing methods. Contamination risk is minimized, with no tapping and threading or application of additional adhesives/sealing compounds required.

SFC KOENIG does not just supply standard products and individual components, but also provides close and active customer support in the search for ideal solutions, particularly when specific requirements must be fulfilled. This portfolio is complemented by a range of innovative tools and machines as well as, if needed, the integration into automated serial production workflows. Our installation equipment is designed to increase the speed and efficiency of the installation process, saving valuable time and labor.

SFC KOENIG is a global leader in sealing technology. Based in Dietikon, Switzerland, the Company has subsidiaries in Germany, the USA and China and maintains a network of distribution partners throughout the world. SFC KOENIG is continuously broadening its core competency – built and established over 40 years – by expanding its product range and geographical reach. Product quality and manufacturing processes of SFC KOENIG are certified, amongst others, according the following international standards: ISO 14001, ISO AS/EN 9100, ISO TS 16949, and ISO 9001.


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