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Klein Tools Expands Its Voice/Data/Video Cable Tester Line with the Commander(TM) Series

Press release date: March 4, 2014

Cable testers include test, location, identification, measurement, PoE and reporting features

Lincolnshire, IL — Klein Tools (, for professionals since 1857, expands its innovative Voice/Data/Video product line with its new full-featured Commander™ Series testers. This high-end product has extensive cable testing capabilities, TDR technology for distance to a fault measurement, Power over Ethernet (PoE) detection and testing, link status and capabilities, as well as report management functionality. With one tool, professionals can confidently determine the status of each wire in a data, PoE or communications/video system.

Klein Tools’ Commander Series is made specifically for testing of coaxial, network or telephone cables. The Commander Series consists of two kits: The Commander™ Test Kit (VDV501-828) and the Commander™ Test & Tone Kit (VDV501-829). Product capabilities include:

Test coaxial, data (RJ45) and telephone (RJ11) cables
-- Identify wire faults including miswire, open, short, split-pair, reverse pair and verify shielding
-- Wiremap - displayed in color per TIA-568A/B industry standard
Measure cable length and distance to a fault with Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) technology
Detect, identify and test Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Locate and identify cables with Location ID remotes for data and coaxial cables
Test and identify location in one step with Test-n-Map™ ID Remote for data and telephone cables
Identify a hub or switch or visually locate cable runs with Link Light
Trace cables, wire pairs and individual conductor wires with Tone Generator (requires an analog tone tracing probe included in test & tone kit)
Perform active network (Ethernet) testing – detect link speeds and capabilities
Save, export and print up to 256 cable or network tests

“Our customers were looking for a comprehensive product that included all the necessary tests and functions to complete a high-end voice/data/video installation, without the big price tag of a ‘certifier’,” states Chris Niklas, product manager at Klein Tools. “Klein Tools’ new Commander Series has complete cable testing capabilities, accurate cable measurements, PoE detection, cable location and ID, tone generator, Link Light, active network testing, and even room for hundreds of test reports.”

-1 VDV Commander Tester
-1 PROBEplus Tone Tracing Probe
-1 Test-n-Map™ ID Remote
-20 LanMap™ RJ45 location ID remotes
-20 CoaxMap™ F-Connector location ID remotes
-3 test cables
-1 coax adapter
-Carrying case

-1 VDV Commander Tester
-1 Test-n-Map™ ID Remote
-5 LanMap™ RJ45 starter set location ID remotes
-5 CoaxMap™ F-Connector starter set location ID remotes
-3 test cables
-1 coax adapter
-Carrying case

For kit details or more information visit our website at or contact your local distributor.

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