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JF Hillebrand Automates Invoice Processing with ReadSoft Online

Press release date: May 5, 2014

The JF Hillebrand Group has chosen to invest in a new invoice management process from ReadSoft, a leading global provider of business process automation applications with over 12,000 customers. The new process set-up is based on ReadSoft’s cloud-based invoice processing automation solution ReadSoft Online.

JF Hillebrand is a freight forwarding company, whose business consists in organizing shipments of wines and spirits from producers’ premises to end-consumers located all over the world. JF Hillebrand operates with a wide network of partners comprised of transport and maritime shipping companies. This network ensures that international shipments are efficiently organized, while the JF Hillebrand team’s experience enables them to deliver high-quality customer service.

With a presence in over 78 countries, the JF Hillebrand Group was seeking to upgrade its current supplier invoice management process and to unify its processing methods. To this aim, the company established a Shared Service Center (SSC) where they will process all the Group’s invoices. All JF Hillebrand’s invoices are scanned at their respective international offices where they have been received. The extracted invoice data is thereafter handled centrally at the SSC before it is transferred to the company’s ERP-system.

JF Hillebrand selected the ReadSoft Online solution after carrying out tests to validate an industrial and scalable approach, as well as ReadSoft Online’s ability to process high volumes of data. More than 800,000 invoices from 35 sites around the world will be processed annually using ReadSoft Online. By using ReadSoft’s cloud based invoice processing automation solution JF Hillebrand will increase its productivity and relieve its subsidiaries from a time-consuming and non-value added invoice processing set-up.

The Readsoft Online SaaS solution is currently used by over 1,000 customers and this new deployment demonstrates the solution’s ability to process variable quantities of data, ranging from a couple of hundreds of invoices to hundreds of thousands of invoices per year.

Erik Den Ouden, Global IT Director at JF Hillebrand, said: “Readsoft Online enables us to validate and match thousands of invoices per day in a central location. The scanner-hardware independency, cloud-scalability and self-learning abilities of Readsoft Online generate significant efficiency gains in our local offices and facilitate the ongoing growth of our company.”

“We are proud to announce this new agreement, which allows us to consolidate our market share in the field of supplier invoice management and processing. This wide-ranging project highlights our ability to increase our clients’ productivity and to automate their management processes. ReadSoft Online is a tool that is perfectly suited to JF Hillebrand’s operational requirements,” says Per kerberg, President and CEO of ReadSoft.

About the JF Hillebrand Group:
JF Hillebrand is the world’s leading specialist logistics provider to the beverage trade. With a global network headquartered in Mainz, Germany, the company employs 2,000 people in 48 wholly owned offices around the world. In 2012, the company reported a throughput of over 500,000 TEU’s and a turnover of Euros1.2 billion. Founded in 1844, JF Hillebrand celebrates 170 years of continuous trading in 2014.

About ReadSoft. ReadSoft simplifies business for organizations of all sizes with applications for business processes such as accounts payable automation, accounts receivable, sales order processing, and multichannel mailroom automation. Its on-premises and cloud document process automation solutions enable some of the world’s largest corporations as well as small and medium businesses to compete and thrive in today’s environment by improving customer and supplier satisfaction, increasing operating efficiency, and providing greater visibility into business processes. ReadSoft is the world’s number one choice for invoice processing automation, and its applications integrate seamlessly with ERP systems from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, as well as with many other business systems. Since 1991, the company has grown into a worldwide group, delivering industry expertise and support in 17 countries on six continents through its local and global partner network. ReadSoft is headquartered in Helsingborg, Sweden, and its share is traded on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm’s Small Cap list. Visit

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