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Jenoptik's Lasers & Material Processing Division at the Trade Fairs BiOS and Photonics West 2011

Jenoptik Laser Technologies USA Corp. - Rochester Hills, MI

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Jenoptik's Lasers & Material Processing Division at the Trade Fairs BiOS and Photonics West 2011

Press release date: January 17, 2011

Jenoptik's Lasers & Material Processing division presents its product portfolio at the BiOS trade fair, booth 8522, on 22 and 23 January, 2011, and at the Photonics West, booth 1323, from 25 to 27 January, 2011, both in San Francisco, USA. In addition to the established standard products, novelties and further developments in the fields of semiconductor material, diode and disk lasers will be presented as well. Full Technology Chain in the Field of Laser Sources
Jenoptik presents the entire technology chain of laser sources - from standard products up to customer-specific special designs. The products offered in the diode laser product range comprise customer-specific epitaxial layer structures on wafers, top quality laser bars and single emitters as well as reliable high-power diode lasers with powers up to the kW range or highly brilliant beam properties. In the field of solid-state lasers the product spectrum includes diode-pumped disk lasers and fiber lasers available from the femtosecond range over the nanosecond range up to the cw range. Jenoptik laser sources are OEM components used for a variety of industrial, medical and scientific applications, in the defense sector and in the show and entertainment domain, and they are well-established worldwide as reliable, efficient and powerful products. New Wavelengths in Laser Bars
Jenoptik extends its laser bar product range and offers new wavelengths of 792 nm und 825 nm in addition to the previous standard products. These specialized products with high power outputs and excellent service lives were particularly designed for applications such as highly efficient optical pumping of solid-state lasers or the printing industry. Moreover, a laser bar with a resonator length of 3.5 mm and an optical power output of 160 W for specific requirements with top performance at 940 nm is presented. New Integrated qcw Module
Furthermore, Jenoptik presents the JOLD-x-QA-8A module with a vertical qcw diode laser stack. Its fields of application can be found both in the industrial and military domains as well as in medical equipment, the module being used either as a pump source for solid-state lasers or as a direct beam source. The spot size behind the protection window is 10 mm x 15 mm and, depending on the operating regime, the pulse peak power ranges between 500 W with pulses of up to 100 ms and 2,000 W at 0.2 ms. The housing ensures dust protection and also comes in a small, light and robust design. Cooling is realized via an easy-to-handle process water connection, thus enabling quick integration. More Powerful, Highly Brilliant Diode Laser Module
Yet another novelty is the highly brilliant, fiber-coupled diode laser module JOLD-75-FC-11 with a power output of 75 W and a 105 ìm fiber (NA 0.15/NA 0.22). This is already the second further development of Jenoptik's high-brightness product range introduced to the market in 2009. Based on the technological principle of coupling several single emitters, another milestone in the continuous product development of efficient pump sources has been achieved. The main field of application of the highly brilliant module is the field of optical pumping of fiber lasers. Thanks to the new power level and the small, robust design, the passively cooled module becomes increasingly interesting with regard to industrial direct application. Particularly in plastic materials processing, new fields of application are emerging for laser sources with high-brightness. Extension of the Jenoptik Disk Laser Product Family for Micro Materials Processing
From the solid-state laser product range the new infrared disk laser JenLas® disk IR70 is presented. Thus, the Jenoptik disk laser product family, including the JenLas® disk IR50 already known in the market, is supplemented with a powerful variant. The laser particularly fulfils the requirements of the new technologies in the photovoltaic sector such as metal wrap-through (MWT) or emitter wrap-through (EWT - up to 20,000 holes/second) and is suitable for application in micro materials processing, e.g. for cutting stents, and for micro structuring. The electrical efficiency of the solar cells is increased by applying the MWT or EWT technology. With both technologies the contacts are installed on the rear side of the cell instead of the front side in order to enlarge the active cell surface. The previously customary contact tracks shadowing parts of the active surface are thus partly eliminated. The pulse lengths of the lasers are adjustable independently of the repetition rate so that optimal process parameters can be set. With a pulse energy of up to 7 mJ and repetition rates of up to 100 kHz the JenLas® disk IR70 covers a broad spectrum of applications in the infrared wavelength range of 1,030 nm. Thus, the 65 watt system is ideal for laser-based drilling of silicon wafers for the production of efficient solar cells with rear side contacts. Optical Isolators
Jenoptik presents the new product line of optical isolators for use in high-power lasers. They are characterized by very small loss and high isolation values at the same time as well as minimal impact on the beam characteristics while achieving top power values. Applications for optical isolators can be found in the field of processing highly reflective materials, particularly with regard to laser sources with high laser gain, e.g. fiber, slab and brilliant diode lasers. They are also used for the isolation of various components within laser sources, e.g. in amplifier configurations or regenerative amplifiers. Three different types within the wavelength range from 1,030 to 1,085 nm are currently available: Two products for linearly polarized radiation with a rated power of 20 W or 200 W respectively, and one type for up to 400 W of non-polarized radiation. The latter is equipped with a hermetically sealed interface for easy integration in processing optics for application in the industrial environment of a production hall (protection class IP65). All three types were optimized for use within an average power range and are capable of achieving an isolation of 30-40 dB and a transmission of > 95 % (typically 97-98 %) with the smallest possible thermal and non-linear effects. This is achieved by applying optics exhibiting lowest absorption, very strong, homogenous magnetic fields and compact dimensions at the same time. Both our novelties and the established standard products of Jenoptik's Lasers & Material Processing division will be presented at the Jenoptik booth in the south hall of the Moscone Center:
- BiOS: No. 8522
- Photonics West: No. 1323 Details on new knowledge gained in the field of high-power diode lasers will be published during one lecture (paper no. 7918-22) at the Photonics West conference LASE. Jena, Germany, January 17, 2011 About the Jenoptik Lasers & Material Processing division
The Lasers & Material Processing division has control of the entire value-added chain of laser material processing and it is one of the leading providers - from component through to complete system. In the area of laser, Jenoptik has specialized in high-quality semiconductor materials and reliable diode lasers as well as innovative solid-state lasers, for example disk and fiber lasers. In the area of high-power diode lasers Jenoptik is acknowledged worldwide as a leader in quality for high-power diode lasers. In the area of laser processing systems we develop systems that are integrated into production facilities for our customers as part of their process optimization and automation. These systems enable our customers to work with plastics, metals, glass, ceramics, semiconductor materials and solar cells, both in thin-film as well as wafer technology, with maximum efficiency, precision and safety. Contact
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