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Interior Maintenance Company Provides High Surface Cleaning to Industrial and Commercial Facilities

Interior Maintenance Co., Inc. - Lansdowne, PA

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Interior Maintenance Company Provides High Surface Cleaning to Industrial and Commercial Facilities

Press release date: June 15, 2009

Interior Maintenance of Lansdowne, Pa, provides high surface and ceiling cleaning services Dust control is a major concern of many Manufacturing and Production facilities. Particulate debris and dust may cause irreparable damage and costly repairs to sensitive machinery and equipment. IMC has the expertise and trained labor force to provide detailed High Surface Cleaning services that include rafter and ceiling trusses, piping, conduit, lighting, ductwork, and other components and surfaces that accumulate particulate debris and dust. IMC also has the capability to clean facilities with combustible dust accumulations that can cause intense burning, explosions, or other fire hazards. By safely cleaning combustible dust per NFPA 654 Standards, IMC will keep your plant in compliance with OSHA regulations, improve the safety and cleanliness of your facility, extend the lifetime of your equipment, and inspire confidence in your working staff. IMC has completed numerous projects at Printing facilities, Computer manufacturing, Food Preparation, Plastic manufacturing, and other industries where sensitive materials and equipment must be protected, isolated, and kept clean. IMC technicians take the proper time and care required to cover and protect sensitive machinery and isolate work areas. Cleaning is typically performed by using HEPA-filtered vacuums with attached brushes to provide surface cleaning of loose particulate debris. In facilities with combustible dust, specially designed explosion proof vacuums are utilized. Wet wiping, or wiping with a chemically treated cloth, are also methods that have been used to control the dust and debris from cross contaminating into other areas. About Interior Maintenance Company:
Interior Maintenance Company, Inc. (IMC) is a building maintenance contractor serving the Mid-Atlantic Region since 1973. IMC specializes in Air Duct Cleaning, Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, High Surface Cleaning, Mold Removal, Specialty Cleaning services, and daily Janitorial Maintenance services. We are a family owned and operated business with extensive experience in providing quality and professional Cleaning services to offices, schools, hospitals, residences, government institutions, and industrial facilities. IMC employs staff with years of experience dedicated to helping our customers solve problems. We welcome the opportunity to solve yours. Contact Matt Mongiello, 610-626-1300,, or visit our website


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