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Ingenuity Systems to Partner with Life Technologies to Develop Solutions for Interpreting Clinical Diagnostic Tests

Press release date: October 3, 2012

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- Ingenuity Systems, a leading provider of biomedical information and analysis solutions, today announced a partnership with Life Technologies Corporation to develop and deliver a joint solution for rapid, high-confidence interpretation of molecular profiling information from Life Technologies' diagnostic tests. Ingenuity Systems' unique software and content will be provided to interpreting physicians, such as molecular pathologists and medical geneticists, in a dedicated portal for the interpretation of Life's molecular diagnostic test kits. Users of this interpretation portal will be able to review disease management guidelines, identify clinical trials, and find cutting-edge insights from biomedical research. The Ingenuity Systems solution will be made available in context with other software and database solutions, to provide a wide range of information that may help physicians to find suitable treatment options or clinical trials for patients. Through these tools, interpreting physicians will leverage the comprehensive, expert-curated Ingenuity Knowledge Base of biomedical content, including an up-to-date database of all human disease phenotype associated variants. Results of the interpretation process will then be conveyed through a reporting portal to treating physicians. While these tools will not provide medical decisions to treating physicians, they will provide contextual information that may identify treatment options based on biological factors of a patient's disease. Consistent with Life Technologies' recent launch of a test for lung cancer risk stratification, the solution will initially be made available for Life Technologies' emerging line of cancer diagnostic tests. "Advanced diagnostic tests like the ones we are developing at Life Technologies will deliver increasingly complex information about a patient's disease," said Ronnie Andrews, president of Life Technologies' Medical Sciences division. "It is essential that those results be made relevant to interpreting physicians by making all possible contextual information available in a single interpretation portal. We believe that Ingenuity Systems provides unique and valuable information, and we are pleased to work with them to shape the repertoire of information that the physicians interpreting our tests can employ to understand the biology of their patient's disease." "With its broad technology platforms and targeted acquisitions Life Technologies is rapidly emerging as a leading provider of clinical diagnostic solutions," said Jake Leschly, CEO of Ingenuity Systems. "Our unique content and applications address a critical bottleneck in the development of the clinical diagnostic market and our partnership with Life enables a unique and powerful end-to-end solution for the molecular pathologist." About Ingenuity Systems
Ingenuity Systems is a leading provider of biomedical information and analysis solutions for the exploration, interpretation and analysis of complex biological systems in life science research and molecular diagnostics. Today, Ingenuity's solutions are used by tens of thousands of researchers and clinicians at hundreds of leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, diagnostic and clinical institutions worldwide. SOURCE Ingenuity Systems CONTACT: Dione Bailey, Director of Marketing, Ingenuity Systems, +1-650-381-5025, Web Site:


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