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Inflatable Packaging Inc., Patents Improved AirLock(TM) Truck Dunnage Valve

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Inflatable Packaging Inc., Patents Improved AirLock(TM) Truck Dunnage Valve

Press release date: February 14, 2012

Sandy Hook, CT, February 14, 2012 - The US Patent Office has recently assigned a new patent to Inflatable Packaging, Inc., for its AirLock(TM) brand of truck dunnage bags. This patent covers the newly designed valve system for air entry, improved air retention, and international air release. "We are very excited about the patent. This new system allows for faster fill time, and gives closed loop operators the potential to release air and subsequently reuse AirLock(TM) truck dunnage bags.
Additionally, another valuable benefit of the new valve is that the bags can now hold air for 4-6 weeks", said IPI CEO Mitch Tschantz. The new patent is the latest addition to the long list of features of AirLock(TM) truck dunnage bags: o Sustainability - Category 4 recyclability (same as stretch film), creating a source of revenue, versus paying someone to haul it away
o Longevity - Now holds air for up to 6 weeks.
o Reduced Carbon Footprint - 600/1200 AirLock(TM) bags per pallet
o See through - for increased security and immediate identification of damage
o Robust polymer - stronger film, and better adherence to stretch film
o Versatility - 20 sizes of AirLock(TM) truck dunnage bags and bumpers
o Flexibility - unlike mixed materials (paper and plastic), AirLock(TM) dunnage bags accommodate changes in ambient temperature and altitude
o User Friendly - no expensive equipment required, and easy to use. Training aids include a "how-to" video, and operator instruction placards (in English and Spanish) Combining Air & Technology to provide solutions for product protection and presentation About Inflatable Packaging, Inc.:
Inflatable Packaging, Inc., has been producing quality products since 1993. Since our launch we have been providing packaging solutions for organizations ranging from small chocolatiers to Fortune 500 companies. We stand by our commitment to continue to deliver innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solution for years to come. IPI brands:
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