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Steel Guard Safety Corp. - South Holland, IN

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Industrial Curtain

Press release date: March 10, 2013

The Steel Guard Safety Corp. has been around for a century. That’s right 100 years since it was first opened in 1913 and this is a very rare occurrence in the industrial field that they are a part of.

The company offers a large number of products in the field of safety, depositing, encasements and other utilities that are required in many technological and farm sites. Visit them right away on their official site at and find out how they can provide the ensembles that you require.

One of the items that are produced and sold by them is the welding curtain, much needed on construction sites, indoors or outdoors or anywhere where the welding process has to be isolated from the surrounding area.  There are other curtain products that the company produces, some meant to isolate a space sonically, others to offer a place visual isolation.

The industrial curtain products can be produced and shipped in the area or to more remote areas, depending on where the individual or company requires them. The company produces them following very strict quality regulations, so that, in the end, you get a very good product which will hold the test of time.

The other products that the company produces include strip door products, strip curtain products as well as products that can be used in many other locations. Thus, shops, hospitals, light sensitive areas, etc. Protection is the name of the game and the company has got the products to show for it.

Visit now the official site of the company at and find out what kind of product they can offer you. Remember that certain products can be produced to your specs so if you don’t find what you need at first contact them by mail or by telephone. You will not be disappointed.


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