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Hysitron is Awarded TWO R&D 100 Awards

Press release date: July 24, 2014

Hysitron is Awarded TWO RD 100 Awards for Highly Innovative Technology Developments in the Areas of Extreme Environments and Biological Mechanical Property Testing

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hysitron has received two RD 100 Awards for its innovation in material testing capabilities in extreme environments and its hybrid optical-mechanical system for biological and soft materials. These awards recognize the 100 most significant technology advancements in 2014.

Hysitron's xSolâ„¢ was recognized for its mechanical testing capabilities over a broad range of temperatures and other environmental conditions. "The system provides superior thermal stability over a wide range of temperatures (800C +) and humidity (0 to 95%+ RH)",said Daniel Carlson, Hysitron's Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Business Development. "This enables extremely precise mechanical property measurements, with the simultaneous capability to obtain SPM images.SPM is essential for understanding the material's morphology and deformation behavior. The new technology also has the capability to utilize different gases in the testing process, which could be an essential element in the understanding of the material's mechanical and tribological property changes as a function of time, temperature, load, and chemistry".

Hysitron's Confocal TriboScope was recognized for innovation in combining nano- and micro-scale mechanical property testing, with a wide variety of optical based techniques. "The Confocal TriboScope line of instruments addresses challenges in the measurement of mechanical properties of soft and other biological based materials (tissues, cellular, bone, etc.)", said Dr. Syed Asif, Hysitron's Director of R&D. "The system combinesthe powerful features of confocal and other light and laser based microscopy,with Hysitron's ultra-high-resolution electrostatic capacitive transducer technology. Particular benefits are seen in the research of cellular biology for cancer and other medical research. Other system configurations combine Fluorescence and Raman based techniques, to give advantages in the analysis of both soft and hard materials. Hysitron is committed to the development of advanced hybrid research techniques."

This is the second time that Hysitron has received such prestigious recognition for its excellence in technology innovation. Hysitron was previously given the award for the development of mechanical property testing systems in the TEM, with its PicoIndenterâ„¢ product line.

About Hysitron
Hysitron is the world leader in developing nano and micro based mechanical test instruments and has designed cutting edge technology for the scientific community since 1992. Hysitron is the pioneer of in-situ imaging with nano-indentation and nano-mechanical property measurement capabilities. Hysitron has grown with the nanotechnology market for over two decades. Hysitron is committed to the continuing development of useful technologies that help our customers with their material development challenges. Information about Hysitron is available at

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