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High Voltage, High Temperature Wire, - 250°C (482 F) 25KVDC

Thermal Wire & Cable Corp. - Naples, FL

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High Voltage, High Temperature Wire, - 250°C (482 F) 25KVDC

Press release date: June 17, 2010

This cable performs where all others fail! Thermal Wire and Cable's SRGE Flare Stack cable is engineered for applications where the cable is expected to perform in extremely demanding applications such as ignition lead wire for flare stack applications, blast furnace instrumentation, curing systems, glass fabrication, plastics manufacturing, fuel igniter applications, offshore oil rigs, and other applications where a cable is required to perform in temperatures from -60°C through 250°C. Thermal Wire and Cable's SRGE is resistant to chemicals, UV and heat related issues. The conductor material is flexible-stranded oxygen-free high conductivity pure copper with plating which is the best selection of conductor for this type of application. The insulating system is a modified 250°C thermoset elastomer backbone rated 25 KVDC. This proven UL recognized primary ignition system is further augmented with a fibrous treatment for abrasion resistance. To that system is added Teflon extruded outer skin to reduce the coefficient of friction and add a chemical resistant barrier. Standard color is Red. Other colors are available upon request. This cable is easy to pull through conduit and can be cut and terminated on the jobsite with conventional tools. Braided 304 stainless steel jacket is available overall or when the cable will likely experience abnormal physical abuse. For more information on this cable please visit: To view similar products got to:


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