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Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering - Auburn, CA

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High Pressure Diesel Fuel Tank Cleaning System Model FPS-PW

Press release date: February 10, 2014

There is no other tank cleaning system on the market that compares to Dieselcraft. This tank cleaning system is designed with a high pressure high flow pump and uses a tank cleaning spray nozzle that cleans 360 of all inside tanks surfaces by pumping the fuel at high pressure to remove solids from the tanks walls. No cleaning agents needed in most cases.

Regardless if the tank is above ground in-ground are on board a vehicle this will clean the tank better than any other system available.

Transfer Flow Rate 37 GPM
Filter Rate 33 GPM
Pressure Cleaning Rate 30 GPM @ 75PSI
Maximum Tank Diameter 18 Feet
Dimensions 37" wide x 45" deep x 41" tall.
Particle Filtration to 10 microns standard.
Suction and Discharge Hoses Included.
120/220 volt 50-60HZ 1.5 HP
Weight 570 lbs.

Sold through dealers worldwide. See


For further information and images contact:
John T. Nightingale
Sales Department
Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering
PO Box 7670
Auburn Ca 95604 USA
Telephone 530-613-2150

John T. Nightingale
Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering Div.
Magnum Group
PO Box 7670
Auburn, CA 95604 USA
Telephone 530-823-7075
Fax 530-823-7078
Cell 530-613-2150

Specialist in:
Oil Centrifuges for
Internal Combustion Engines
Oil Cleaning Centrifuges for
Biofuels and Alternative Energy
And Diesel Fuel Purification
Dieselcraft is a trademark of the Magnum Group


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