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Henkel Receives Top Honors for Innovative Lead-Free Solder Paste

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Henkel Receives Top Honors for Innovative Lead-Free Solder Paste

Press release date: April 18, 2006

Henkel's award-winning record continues with yet another industry accolade, which was bestowed upon the global materials leader at the recent Nepcon China exhibition in Shanghai, China, where the company's Multicore® LF318 lead-free solder paste received the prestigious Electronics Manufacturing Asia Innovation Award in the category of solder materials. Developed to appeal particularly to multinational manufacturers who wish to qualify a single solder paste that offers reliable performance regardless of climactic condition, Multicore LF318 is a lead-free, halide-free, pin-testable paste formulation that delivers a broad process window for both printing and reflow. Even after 72 hours at 27 Celsius and 80 percent relative humidity, Multicore LF318 achieves a consistently high degree of coalescence upon reflow. And, when tested to IPC ANSI/J-STD-005 and JIS-Z-3284 standards, the material displays excellent resistance to slump. With a superior tack life and an open time greater than 24 hours, Multicore LF318 delivers incredibly low paste wastage, which is very important to manufacturers as they seek to extend the life of their lead-free materials. The lead-free material has a high initial tack force of 2.0g/mm2, providing excellent resistance to component movement during high-speed placement. Suitable for reflow in air or nitrogen, Multicore LF318 is highly versatile and displays excellent solderability on a wide range of surface finishes, including Ni/Au, immersion Sn, immersion Ag and OSP copper. After reflow, only soft, non-stick, colourless residues remain, easing visual inspection and permitting reliable in-circuit testing without clogging test probes, even after many hundreds of tests following double reflow. "This material has broad appeal for many reasons," says Doug Dixon, Global Marketing Manager for the electronics group of Henkel. "In addition to its outstanding reliability and very wide process window, Multicore LF318 is particularly attractive because of its ability to perform well in any climate - from arid to humid. We are pleased that Electronics Manufacturing Asia has recognized these significant advantages and honored Henkel with this prestigious award." For more information on Multicore LF318, log onto or contact the company via e-mail at About the electronics group of Henkel Henkel is one of the world's leading and most progressive providers of qualified, compatible material sets for semiconductor packaging, board level assembly and advanced soldering solutions. Through its Hysol, Loctite and Multicore brands, and its global customer support infrastructure, the electronics group of Henkel delivers world-class materials products, process expertise and total solutions across the board to enable tomorrow's electronic industry. The Henkel Group, a Fortune Global 500 company, operates in three strategic business areas: Home Care; Personal care; and Adhesives, Sealants and Surface Treatments, which serves the transportation, electronics, aerospace, metal, durable goods, consumer goods, maintenance and repair and packaging industries, and offers a broad range of products for the craftsman and consumer. With brands and technologies, Henkel makes people's lives easier, better, and more beautiful. 50,000 employees work for the Henkel Group worldwide. People in 125 countries around the world trust in brands and technologies from Henkel - "A Brand like a Friend". Contact Henkel Corporation Doug Dixon Phone: 949-789-2500 Fax: 949-785-2595


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