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Henkel Launches New High-Temp Compatible Conductive Film for RF Grounding Applications

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Henkel Launches New High-Temp Compatible Conductive Film for RF Grounding Applications

Press release date: June 4, 2009

Advancing the performance of electrically conductive film technology, Henkel has developed and launched Emerson & CumingĀ® CF3366(TM), a ground-breaking film technology that offers a robust alternative to traditional conductive materials. Emerson & Cuming CF3366 is a high adhesion strength electrically conductive film formulated for electrical, thermal and mechanical assembly applications. The material delivers outstanding adhesion at elevated temperatures, offers high electrical conductivity and provides for uniform and void-free bondlines. In addition, the low temperature, quick cure capabilities of Emerson & Cuming CF3366 ensure maximum process flexibility and ease-of-use. All of these adhesive properties combine to ensure reliable RF ground plane performance even in extreme environmental conditions. Historically, electrically conductive interface materials such as solder, thermal greases and conductive films have been used for RF grounding applications. However, film materials have emerged as the most robust electrically conductive products because of their ability to promote superior grounding function, consistent processing during assembly and deliver void-free bondlines over a very large area. Conductive films also deliver better RF performance with minimized losses and distortion of high frequency digital signals, while maintaining low impedance to the ground plane. New requirements, however, dictate that conductive films provide all of these proven benefits in addition to delivering reliable bonding at both room temperature and elevated temperatures. Applications in defense and other industries have moved toward smaller, more complex and higher frequency devices and conductive adhesives must address these new technology demands by offering stable bonding even under very harsh environmental aging. Traditional conductive adhesives are less stable at higher temperatures so are not effective for these applications. Henkel's Emerson & Cuming CF3366, however, has been formulated specifically to comply with higher temperature environments. Enabling operation at high frequency, Emerson & Cuming CF3366 maintains robust adhesion at elevated temperatures and provides improved mechanical stability. When tested against a well-known, commercial conductive film, Emerson & Cuming CF3366 emerged as the most robust solution, delivering superior adhesion at elevated temperatures even under harsh environmental conditions, better processing through lower curing temperature and a shorter curing time, and superior performance after exposure to moisture sensitivity level conditions. Emerson & Cuming CF3366 effectively delivers what specialists in many industries have long-desired: all of the inherent benefits of traditional conductive film technologies with the added advantage of high temperature resistance and stability. For more information on Emerson & Cuming CF3366 or any of Henkel's advanced assembly materials, call the company at 949-789-2500 or log onto About Henkel
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