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GOW-MAC® Instrument Co. Announces Divestiture of GOW-MAC Instrument Co.

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GOW-MAC® Instrument Co. Announces Divestiture of GOW-MAC Instrument Co.

Press release date: September 11, 2006

Bethlehem, PA - September 11, 2006 - GOW-MAC® Instrument Co., a leading manufacturer of high performance analytical instruments, today announced that it has completed the sale of the assets of GOW-MAC Instrument Co.(Ireland) Ltd. to a non-disclosed Irish interest. The board of directors of each company has approved the transaction. No financial details of the sale were released. Mr. Jeffrey Lawson, President and CEO of GOW-MAC® Instrument Co. states this change will enable GOW-MAC® to fulfill and be more responsive to the rapidly changing analytical technology demands of their customers. GOW-MAC® now becomes a more fully integrated company by conducting all its product development, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing from the corporate headquarters located in Bethlehem, PA USA. GOW-MAC has expanded its global support in the form of additional sales facilities, most notably the GOW-MAC® Instrument Co. - Taiwan office. About GOW-MAC Instrument Co. Begun in 1935, GOW-MAC® Instrument Co. (Bethlehem, PA USA) is a leading manufacturer of gas chromatographs, on-line gas analyzers and fully integrated "Packaged Laboratories" for PAT and process monitoring, research, and trace gas analysis fulfilling the requirements of standard test methodologies - ASTM, GPA etc. Gail Johnson MarCom Mgr GOW-MAC Instrument Co. 277 Brodhead Road Bethlehem, PA 18017 USA Tel: (610) 954-9000 ex 249 Fax: (610) 954-0599 E-mail (1): E-mail (2): URL:


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