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Goodfellow and Haydale Graphene Industries Sign Distribution Agreement

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Goodfellow and Haydale Graphene Industries Sign Distribution Agreement

Press release date: July 21, 2014

Coraopolis, PA – Goodfellow, a leading global supplier of high-purity metals and materials for research and industry, has entered into a non-exclusive agreement with Haydale Graphene Industries plc to market and distribute Haydale’s functionalized graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs). The Haydale plasma functionalization process has the potential to offer tailored surface modification of graphene nanomaterials while maintaining structural integrity, eliminating a key barrier to the commercialization of graphene.

Goodfellow will initially offer HDPlas® O2 oxygen-functionalized GNPs as a trial pack containing 2g each of material with low, medium and high levels of functionalization. The offer will expand in coming months to include additional products from Haydale’s HDPlas® range.

Enhanced product performance compared to non-functionalized materials

The Haydale plasma functionalization process:
• Substantially improves compatibility between the nanomaterials and a wide range of matrices and binder materials
• Promotes good dispersion to optimize properties and performance of the final product
• Can be functionalized with a range of standard and exotic chemical groups, where the amount of chemicals can be tailored to the customer’s needs
• Does not use wet chemistry and does not damage material being processed
• Can clean up impurities inherent in the raw material and may repair some defects in the base material
• Is environmentally friendly

Stephen Aldersley, President of Goodfellow Corporation, believes the new relationship with Haydale is an important expansion of Goodfellow’s activities in the field of nanoparticles in general and graphene in particular. “The Haydale plasma process can demonstrate significant advantages over other functionalization methods, and we are pleased to be promoting their products to our global customer base in this very important research area.”

According to Haydale CEO Ray Gibbs, “This agreement with Goodfellow allows more RD customers worldwide to test and analyze our plasma functionalized materials for integration into their products and applications.”

Goodfellow specializes in supplying small quantities (a few grams to a few kilos) of metals and materials for research, prototype development and specialized manufacturing applications. Standard products can be found online at the comprehensive Goodfellow Catalog ( In addition to the standard products, Goodfellow is able to offer non-standard products to the customer’s specifications as well as materials in larger quantities for the production requirements of high-tech industry. The Goodfellow Group of companies consists of Goodfellow Cambridge Limited (UK), Goodfellow Corporation (USA), Goodfellow SARL (France), Goodfellow GmbH (Germany) and Goodfellow Shanghai (China).

Haydale Graphene Industries plc of South Wales (UK) is a global leader in facilitating the commercialization of graphene. The company can work with both raw material suppliers and product manufacturers to provide a rapid and highly cost-efficient method of supplying tailored solutions to enhance applications in fields such as inks, sensors, energy storage, photovoltaics, polymer composites, paints, resins and epoxies.

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