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GN ReSound Invests in Latest Mek AOI and SPI Inspection Systems

Press release date: June 1, 2014

MEK (Marantz Business Electronics), was recently announced as AOI and SPI manufacturer of choice by GN ReSound, the component manufacturing division of GN ReSound Group, one of the world's largest provider of hearing instruments and diagnostic audiological instrumentation.

The GN Resound component manufacturing site is based in Praestoe, Denmark, and is responsible for the production of all electronic elements of the company's products as well as 40% of the plastic parts. Ballerup, Denmark is home to the Company Headquarters looking after Sales, Administration, R&D, Corporate Purchasing and Quality while final assembly takes place in Xiamen, China. GN ReSound Group has subsidiaries in more than 25 countries and distributors in an additional 80. They employ approximately 3,300 people internationally and produce more than 200 thousands new custom earpieces each month.

Fundamental to their latest selection of two PowerSpector FDAz 350L AOI systems from Mek and two PowerSpector S1 SPI systems was the need for high resolution cameras to enable accurate inspection of very tiny components. Ease of set-up, ease of use and inspection speed was also high priorities. Camera and software upgradeability, providing economic and technical future proofing, was yet another area in which PowerSpector systems from Mek were deemed superior to the numerous alternatives that were tested.

Beyond the proven performance of PowerSpector AOI and SPI, GN ReSound's selection of Mek also hinged on the leading manufacturer's delivery of local support, training and excellent service. Commenting upon the purchasing selection process, Elvin Solberg, Manufacturing Engineering Manager at GN ReSound explained, "In addition to the superior setup demonstrated, we remain very impressed with Mek's ability to provide highly accurate inspection. But also important was the fact that Mek local distributor Eltraco can supplement the Mek expertise and support – and in our native language."

PowerSpector AOI with FDAz inspection head, introduces a new era in capture quality. The FDAz inspection head enables 9 Camera AOI featuring Tilt- Shift & Telecentric optics with automatic Z-axis. 8 Side cameras in 10 resolution with Tilt-Shift optics technology … familiar in architectural photography… reduce image distortion to enable the best capture possible. A moveable head in Z-Axis brings objects into optimal focus and position, independent of PCB thickness or warping. In combination with the HD 18.75 or 10 resolution top camera with Telecentric optics and unique multiplexed 8x CameraLink side camera technology, unprecedented defect visibility is achieved.

The Mek 5D SPI PowerSpector S1mkII Automatic Solder Paste Inspection system delivers patented advanced sensor technology with simultaneous 3D and 2D inspection. True area, shape, volume, offset and height measurements are provided in combination, providing genuine process control and a perfect tool with which to adjust printer settings before a problem spreads throughout an entire production run.

About MEK (Marantz Electronics Ltd)
A former division of Marantz well known for its high quality Audio/Video products, MEK Japan (Marantz Electronics Kabushiki Kaisha), developed its first AOI system in 1994. Developed to inspect PCB assemblies for correct component placement and soldering, the company's original AOI system was designed for use in Marantz factories. Proving to be a highly successful, cost-effective alternative to traditional human inspection, MEK developed its first generation commercial system in 1996. With a steadily growing installed base, MEK Japan and its European/American headquarters, MEK, have sold over 5000 units worldwide to date. Now well established as a leading force in AOI technologies, the company recently launched a 5D post-print SPI system which combines 3D and 2D image processing methodologies to deliver unprecedented defect detection. At the beginning of March 2014 the company opened US offices in Las Vegas.

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