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Global Manufacturer Ruhrpumpen Uses Synergis Software's Adept Document Management to Pump up Their Global Expansion Plans

Press release date: February 19, 2014

QUAKERTOWN, Pa.– Synergis Software announced today that Ruhrpumpen (, a global centrifugal pump technology company, is using Adept engineering document management as its enterprise platform for unified global engineering.

One of Ruhrpumpen's key corporate goals is to expand geographically into South America and the Far East. Victor Melendez, Corporate Development Director, knows that the faster they get innovative, customized, highly-engineered products to the fastest-growing segments of their market, the better. And this means being able to share parts, designs, and resources among plants to develop products more quickly.

"It's critical that we all have ready access to the same information, so that drawings and other engineering specifications are easily shared and controlled," says Melendez. "We need to ensure that the product we make in Germany, Mexico, and the United States or anywhere is made exactly to the same engineering standards and quality levels."

Global engineering processes made easier with document management
By implementing Synergis Software's document management solution, all Ruhrpumpen facilities are able to share and control resources regardless of time zone differences, language differences and cultural differences. Everyone is able to work "on the same page." Says Melendez, "Now that we're working with a predictable, automated document management system, globalization of engineering processes is a lot easier."

"Synergis' Adept allows us to make sure all of the drawings are up to the latest engineering revision level, especially for all of our newest leading models," states Melendez. "As we have moved geographically to these distributed locations with evolved 3D modeling in Autodesk Inventor, we know that all the information is properly shared and properly controlled between the different facilities."

About Synergis Software
Synergis Software is the developer of Adept engineering data and document management solutions. We simplify the way you find, manage, share and control engineering and business documents across your enterprise. You'll become more efficient, organized, and connected in days – not months or years. With Synergis Software, you'll experience an unmatched partnership from upfront planning through implementation and ongoing support.

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Martha K. Lubow
Synergis Software


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