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General Cable Converts Its Carol Brand Cord Products on 12" & 14" Plywood Reels to Polyethylene

Press release date: March 12, 2014

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KENTUCKY– General Cable (NYSE: BGC), a global leader in the wire and cable industry, has long been committed to creating shared value for its clients and customers. In December of 2013, the company announced a new program transitioning their boxed product onto a stand-alone reel. This effort supplemented their comprehensive recycling and conservation programs that are in place to reduce, reuse and recycle the materials required to manufacture and deliver its wire and cable products wherever possible.

In addition to the eliminating cardboard packaging on all 250' Carol Brand Portable Cord products, General Cable has expanded the program to eliminate 12" and 14" plywood reels containing Carol Brand Portable Cord products. The benefits of this change include:
• Spooling product on the new durable, recyclable high-density polyethylene reel, which is made with heavily recycled material and may be stacked directly on a pallet
• Standardizing the arbor hole on all new reels for ease of handling and pulling by contractors while on the job

General Cable's new sturdier reels include plastic wrap with labels applied directly to the wrap. Additionally, these new reels ensure safer handling for all throughout the supply chain. The reels will be stacked and shipped on the pallets as before and there will be little change in quantities or weights on each pallet.

General Cable is currently transitioning to the new reels and has cross-referenced part numbers for ease of ordering. For questions regarding the new reels program, please call us at +1.800.243.8020 today or contact your General Cable Sales Representative.

General Cable (NYSE:BGC), a Fortune 500 Company, is a global leader in the development, design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of aluminum, copper and fiber optic wire and cable products for the energy, industrial, specialty and communications markets. With annual revenues exceeding $6 billion, General Cable is one of the largest wire and cable manufacturing companies in the world. It operates 57 manufacturing facilities in 26 countries and employs approximately 14,000 associates. Visit our Web site at

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