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GCR Inc. Trademark Registration is Approved for NuclearIQ®

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GCR Inc. Trademark Registration is Approved for NuclearIQ®

Press release date: August 19, 2013

NEW ORLEANS – GCR Inc. (GCR) is proud to announce the recent approval of trademark registration for its "NuclearIQ" mark, used to identify its comprehensive platform of chemistry data management software. The registration secures for GCR the exclusive right to use the "NuclearIQ" mark in commerce with regard to "computer software, namely, software for chemistry data management for industrial plants including nuclear facilities."

Since 2009, GCR has used the name "NuclearIQ" for its chemistry data management solution, installed in nuclear power throughout the United States. Today, it is the industry standard for chemistry data management systems at nuclear power plants, supporting over half of the U.S. fleet and counting. Originally developed in 1994 under contract with one of the nation's largest fleets, NuclearIQ® has evolved over the years under the guidance and direction of a robust users' group.

The NuclearIQ® platform includes an ever-growing set of modular solutions for a diverse delivery system of information technology. NuclearIQ® includes modules for chemistry data management, chemical inventory, GIS mapping, groundwater monitoring, and emergency response management. Complementing the power of the aforementioned modules, the NuclearIQ® integrated solution also features a management dashboard to provide site-wide reporting and an iPad app for mobility. The nation's leading fleets use NuclearIQ®.

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