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Fresh-Aire UV SCOPE(TM) Estimation Software Calculates Outdoor Air and ROI for ANSI/ASHRAE 62.1's VRP & IAQP

Press release date: February 27, 2014

SCOPE™ takes the guesswork out of calculating minimum outdoor air and outputs energy savings and ROI results to a color printout for presentations and LEED point confirmation.

Fresh-Aire UV, Jupiter, Fla., the largest manufacturer of UVC and PCO/carbon indoor air quality (IAQ) products in North America, introduces SCOPE™, the HVAC industry's most automated estimation software tool for reducing energy-intensive outdoor air requirements through ANSI/ASHRAE 62.1's VRP and IAQP provisions.

SCOPE is a free custom-written software tool available at that calculates minimum outdoor air allowances and return-on-investment (ROI) results when applying VRP and IAQP's sorptive air cleaning provision. ASHRAE recently introduced the IAQP to help facilities trim operational costs by partially reducing outdoor air dilution by five to 30-percent through the use of sorptive air purification methods, such as Fresh-Aire UV's APCO Rack System, a combination UVC, gas-phase activated carbon and photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) air purification system.

"SCOPE takes the guesswork out of executing ASHRAE 62.1's VRP or IAQP allowances, which up until now, were subjective and difficult to calculate and confirm," said Chris Willette, president of Fresh-Aire UV.

Engineers, contractors or building owners can register for SCOPE at and download a MicroSoft Windows-compatible executable file. Required Input parameters include unit size, airborne contaminants of concern (CoC), building use and other related statistics. SCOPE automatically calculates and inputs weather data based on more than 50 selected North American geographical regions, plus the quantity and capital cost of APCO Rack Systems needed. Fresh-Aire UV's manufacturer's representatives network can also complete SCOPE applications for customers.

Results are exported as a full color PDF file which displays the amount of ASHRAE 62.1-compliant outdoor air reduction allowed, energy savings, ROI (in U.S. dollars) and air purification equipment payback as a result of employing the APCO Rack System. The exported PDF file presentations can enhance commercial building HVAC new construction project bids and substantiate potential Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) credits;

Other features of SCOPE are:
  • Calculations include the clean air delivery rate (CADR) of more than two dozen common outdoor and indoor CoC;
  • Also compares VRP to IAQP as an outdoor reduction method;
  • Reviewed by members of ASHRAE Technical Committee 2.3--Gaseous Air Contaminants and Gas Contaminant Removal Equipment;
  • User interface includes step-by-step implementation with help buttons, integrated time-saving minimum and default values, load-and-save analysis, print feature for any window, easy navigation with MicroSoft Windows compatibility;
  • Users can metric or standard measurement units;
The APCO Rack System is a ozone-free air purification system for commercial, industrial and institutional facility HVAC applictions. It’s the first device to combine UVGI for airborne and HVAC internal surface disinfection, with gas-phase air purification and photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to capture and neutralize VOCs. It's compatible with most commercial/industrial air handlers ranging from 10 to 200 tons. The APCO original residential version won the prestigious 2011 AHR Innovation Award in the IAQ Category.

For more information on Fresh-Aire UV and its full line of UVGI, APCO and other IAQ products, please visit, call 1-(800) 741-1195 or email:

About Fresh-Aire UV: Fresh-Aire UV is a division of Triatomic Environmental Inc., Jupiter, Fla., a leading manufacturer and developer of germicidal UV light systems designed for commercial/industrial and residential HVAC systems and ice machines. Among their products is the patented Blue-Tube UV, the first 24 volt low-voltage germicidal UV light for HVAC, which has become the most popular product of its type in the world. Fresh-Aire UV's revolutionary APCO (advanced photocatalytic oxidation) system, which combines UV-C light with activated carbon cells for comprehensive odor, VOC and microbial control, was an International Innovation Award winner at the 2011 AHR Expo. Fresh-Aire UV systems are sold through wholesale HVAC/R distributors, specified by consulting engineers and installed/serviced by air conditioning contractors. Fresh-Aire UV continually strives to engineer, develop and market products to meet the demand for a greener world and healthier environment. The UV products improve air quality, enhance the efficiency of HVAC/R systems and reduce maintenance costs. For more information please visit, call 1-(800) 741-1195 or email:


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