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Film Insert Molding Produces Long-Lasting Colors, Unique Designs and Extraordinary Visual Effects

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Film Insert Molding Produces Long-Lasting Colors, Unique Designs and Extraordinary Visual Effects

Press release date: July 21, 2006

Berlin, CT-July 21, 2006- Bayer Films Americas, a Division of Sheffield Plastics Inc., announces that its FARIA® film insert molding utilizes the film insert molding (FIM) process to customize products with an essentially limitless range of color, design and graphics. With FARIA film insert molding, film is decorated with a special graphic or a tactile effect, then formed into the final shape and placed into an injection mold where an engineering resin is shot behind the film. The result is a finished integral part that does not require any post-molding operations, making FARIA ideal for a wide range of applications in the automotive, consumer and commercial appliance, medical device and industrial controls industries. FARIA is widely used primarily because graphics are printed on the back of the film rather than on top for a design that is actually integrated into the mold itself. The result is a film with excellent scratch-resistance, is long-lasting, and a durable product that will withstand extended use. Manufacturers can easily keep ahead of design and color trends with FARIA's extensive line of colors and soft-feel tactile effects. Bright, long-wearing metallic or mirrored looks, sparkle and color shift effects, fiber graphics and soft-touch coatings are also available in finishes ranging from matte to high gloss. It is also possible to add print or additional graphics over the metallic background for a "dead front" effect. For colored metallic effects, manufacturers may utilize AURA® color fusion technology, another Bayer Films Americas product. Film insert molding is a recent advancement pioneered by Bayer AG in Germany. This molding technique provides significantly improved graphics quality, flexibility and durability of injection-molded parts. FARIA is now widely distributed to many product manufacturers for this purpose. The use of FARIA film insert molding allows the cost-effective repeatability of injection molding with highly detailed graphics in a single scratch- and increased abrasion-resistant package. And since decorative elements are preprinted on plastic film in a controlled environment, the risk of dust, moisture, dirt or other contaminants being introduced to wet inks or dyes is reduced to almost zero. Environmental issues are also a primary concern for many customers. Bayer Films Americas film products meet and exceed most customers' environmental requirements. Film insert molding manufacturing using FARIA film is an advancement in plastics technology that has improved flexibility for innovative new product designs not achievable by any other manufacturing and graphics application process. By specifying the best available film materials, utilizing the latest automated systems and process-driven manufacturing, manufacturers can now supply superior products to their customers. Customers will continue to benefit from higher quality products with superior graphics and increased cost efficiencies. Please forward all inquiries to Cindy Kahlstrom, Sheffield Plastics Inc., 119 Salisbury Road, Sheffield, MA 01257.


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