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Fast and High-Precision Weighing in Automated Processes and in the Laboratory

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Fast and High-Precision Weighing in Automated Processes and in the Laboratory

Press release date: November 13, 2007

Nov 13, 2007

Taking the principle of "Reduced to the Max" as a basis, METTLER TOLEDO has packaged the heart of an analytical balance in an ultra-compact casing and coupled it with the most modern weighing electronics and signal processing.

The result is the WX, a completely new range of top-quality weighing modules that are ideal both for incorporation into automated processes and for special weighing jobs in the laboratory. Short weighing times, maximum precision, a compact and robust casing and flexibility are the main features of the new WX weighing modules.

The WXS product range with an indestructible stainless steel casing was developed to be built into instruments, machines and systems. Its extremely compact dimensions save space, rapid setting times maximise productivity and the robustness and reliability guarantee maximum availability of your systems. The freely-adjustable weighing parameters allow the weighing module to be simply and optimally configured for any application and connected to any controller by means of the many interface options.

The WXT product range allows for the greatest possible flexibility of arrangement and it is freely accessible from all sides. The simple design makes cleaning easy and therefore minimises the risk of cross-contamination. Just lift the weighing pan, snap on the cover and the analytical balance can be cleaned even with a jet of water. Almost unlimited applications are achieved by adding WX-specific accessories such as a draft shield, weighing below adapter, carrying case etc.


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