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Evergreen Midwest Co. Offers Newly Developed Medical Cylinder Valves for Use in MRI Environments

Press release date: June 23, 2014

Cleveland, OH — Evergreen Midwest Co. carry the developed medical cylinder which can be used for MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) environments, provided by Sherwood Valve, LLC. This valve design can use features from current flagship which include (GV) Global Valve product line i.e adapted by various MRI environments. The new GV-MRI Series from Sherwood valves have the marking of "MR Conditional" standard symbol. This is to identify it is MRI-Safe certified. The valves meet the requirement of ASTM F2213 for 3-Tesla MR environment. The GV-MRI construction mainly utilizes materials which reduce magnetic valve attraction if installed on the aluminum cylinder.

It provides complete mind peace to manage patients and hospital personnel who as the result, maintain the accessibility of medical gases where access is given medical oxygen is limited. The GV-MRI oxygen valves are clean and available in thread inlets for use of aluminum cylinders. GV-MRI Series is part of the global line which is well renowned for reliability and quality. This new series of valves are made in USA. It is under production and available by Evergreen.

The medical cylinder valves provided by Evergreen are durable and high quality which offer complete safety measures to provide maximum applications in all industries. There are high fitting robust valves which are used to regulate the cylinder temperature at optimal levels as per required industry. The medical cylinder valves are used in magnetic resonance environment provided by manufacturers at Evergreen has the capacity to provide powerful radio waves. Medical industry makes use of many gases which have to be captured in the gas cylinders and tightened with help of valves. There are safety guidelines which are understood by medical cylinder manufacturers who know the accurate size of valve with dimensions which are compatible for MRI environments.

A senior spokesperson from company said, "We provide reasonable quality medical cylinder valves which are economic but highly in utility. These are readily available online with secure safety check guaranteed to prevent any mishap. Mainly the medical cylinder valves are dormant which requires specific design and installation approach. This can only be offered by reliable manufacturers listed with us".

About Evergreen
Evergreen Midwest Co. was established in 1978 in view to serve compressed gas and welding industry with various products like cylinders, regulators, valves and much more.

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