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Eurosatory 2014: Marom Dolphin Wins Tender to Supply Thousands of Units of Advanced Backpack Carrier System to European Army

Press release date: June 11, 2014

Launched two years ago, the system is already in use by a number of armed forces including the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and is competing in several additional tenders

Eurosatory 2014, June 16-20, Israel National Pavilion, Hall 6, Stand 682

Marom Dolphin - a leader in the field of tactical textile solutions and personal military supplies for armed forces, police units, law enforcement agencies, security services, and civilian authorities - wins a tender to supply thousands of units of its advanced backpack carrier system to a European army. The system was launched two years ago and is already in use by a number of armed forces, including the IDF, and is competing in several additional tenders. The Company will be displaying the backpack system as well as other products at Eurosatory 2014.

Made of lightweight, yet exceptionally strong materials, Marom Dolphin's advanced, flexible system deals with one of the most critical issues in infantry combat – carrying heavy loads. Enabling soldiers to carry heavy-weight backpacks over tactical and ballistic gear, the carrier helps soldiers to comfortably accomplish their missions and thus increase their operational capabilities.

The system's uniqueness lies in a flexible hinge that allows the carrier’s frame to float and expand over the ballistic vest, and thus transfer the weight of the load from the shoulders directly to the waist belt. The innovative solution allows the soldier free use of his arms and hands by reducing the pressure on his shoulders and arms. It enables the carrying of heavy weight on top of any tactical vest - from hard ballistic panels to a full water bladder, and more. Proper weight distribution on the body of the soldier is maintained during a wide variety of movements (standing, running, lying down, kneeling).

The carrier is equipped with a unique strapping system which allows for quick and easy adjustment to the soldier's height and body build. This adjustment is long-lasting and will remain in place, even during extended marches. The carrier can be loaded and used with up to 320 lbs. of equipment - which will be carried easily and comfortably. The frame can be used either as a general purpose frame with straps for quick connection of any kind of equipment - or integrated into any designated carrier system, with full compatibility.

According to Jonathan Shtriker, Senior Designer and Chief of R&D, "Carrying heavy weights is one of the most critical issues in today's warfare. The modern soldier is loaded down with an array of different types of equipment and carries a very heavy load on his back, which can affect his health as well as his operational abilities. Due to the importance of this issue, there have recently been a number of tenders for technologies that can assist soldiers to carry heavy loads, and we are pleased to announce that we have won a large tender in a European country. In addition, our system is already being used by the IDF, and is competing in a number of other tenders as well. We expect that in the coming months, we will be able to announce additional wins. The system will be on display at our booth, and we invite everyone to come and learn more about it."

About Marom Dolphin
Marom Dolphin Ltd., founded in 1993, is a leading provider of a broad range of military and security textile products that deliver a high level of protection and ergonomic convenience in the field. Customers include military, paramilitary, law enforcement, and security organizations across the globe. The Company is the main authorized supplier of tactical and bulletproof vests to the Israeli military and to the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMoD). The Company's products are recognized worldwide for their high quality and durability. They are manufactured and tested in accordance with the Quality Assurance standards of global military forces, as well as in strict adherence to ISO 9002 Standards. Dedicated to service excellence, Marom Dolphin offers highly flexible production schedules, 24-hour worldwide delivery services, and optional on-site training.

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