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Eraser's Glo-Ring Infrared Heat Tools Shrink Tubing Quickly and Safely

Press release date: June 3, 2014

Glo-Ring Infrared Heat Tools from The Eraser Company are ideal for many applications, including heat shrinking, plastic tube bending, soldering, adhesive curing, and more. Glo-Rings use quartz encapsulated heating elements which open and close to encircle work pieces with instant radiant heat at temperatures up to 1500F.

The Single Element Bench Glo-Ring is activated by an electrical foot switch to open and close the heating elements around a work piece. A solid state heat control allows for temperature adjustment for quick and even heat shrinking.

The Triple Element Bench Glo-Ring is ideal for shrinking long lengths, and features adjustable rests to keep the work piece centered within the heating elements. One, two, or all three element holders may be utilized at any time and each features its own individual heat control. The elements may be opened and closed by using a switch or an optional foot pedal.

Models LH115 and LH100 are Hand-Held Glo-Rings. These portable heat tools can be easily moved around work pieces, or the units may be used stationary on the provided bench stand. The LH115 comes with a heat control which provides varying element temperatures. The LH100 will heat up to the maximum temperature when activated.

Glo-Ring Elements come in a variety of sizes and are measured based on the diameter when closed. Sizes include 1/2", 1", 2" and 3" and all four sizes are interchangeable in the holders. Most elements sizes are available in intermittent and continuous rated duty cycles. Elements are protected by wire guards for safety and to prevent accidental damage.

Glo-Rings are an excellent alternative to heat guns. They use less electrical energy, are virtually silent, and are easy to maintain. There is also no blowing of hot air, making them suitable for use in clean rooms and testing areas. See Eraser's Glo-Rings in action on YouTube! For more information visit, or contact Eraser at (800)724-0594 or

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