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Equipment Supplier Plays Important Part in Big Pharma Growth

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Equipment Supplier Plays Important Part in Big Pharma Growth

Press release date: April 17, 2014

Twenty years ago, Nephron Pharmaceuticals contacted HealthStar, Inc. about purchasing a pre-owned blow/fill/seal machine. Nephron needed to package Albuterol and Ipratropium Bromide in a completely aseptic package. Because of the high cost of new B/F/S equipment, as a young company, Nephron sought a refurbished machine to launch their new offering. Today Nephron has become the largest producer of unit dose inhalation therapy drugs in the world.

B/F/S manufacturing technology allows for vial to be formed, filled and sealed in a continuous process. The resulting vials are sterile and are used in a wide variety of applications around the world.  HealthStar has become a key supplier in the B/F/S arena since 1987.  HealthStar provides remanufactured equipment completely refurbished and upgraded to the latest technology with custom molds and other accessories to match the delivery of new equipment at a fraction of the cost of new.  Such technology enables companies to produce products using the B/F/S technology at a great savings in one third to one half of the delivery time of the two major B/F/S manufacturers.  HealthStar upgrades the equipment to the latest technology including the latest SIP systems and PLC process control so that the refurbished machines become equivalent to new. HealthStar focuses on refurbishing equipment manufactured by Weiler Engineering. However, it can provide equipment manufactured by Rommelag in certain circumstances.

Healthstar is a unique bridge for many companies like Nephron to enter into the blow/fill/seal arena.  Today Nephron is one of the largest customers of both Weiler Engineering and Rommelag.  HealthStar could never provide the sufficient used machinery to support the business that Nephron has grown into but it is an ideal choice for startup and single machine installations where cost and speed to market are paramount.  New equipment can always be purchased at a later time if HealthStar is unable to provide all of the capacity the customer needs once the initial launch is made.

Bonnie Cote 
Marketing Manager
HealthStar, Inc.


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