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Enhanced Control with FreeWeigh.Net V5.1

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Enhanced Control with FreeWeigh.Net V5.1

Press release date: July 9, 2007

FreeWeigh.Net V5.1 offers a range of new functions and improvements to the integrated quality control system, thereby completing the package. The most important new features are the "Multiple fill-head statistics" and "Release criteria" modules. What does the "Multiple fill-head statistics" module contain? o Online monitoring of individual fill-heads o Function for pinpointing individual fill-heads at the click of a mouse o Function for planning the maintenance or replacement of fill-heads before they fail o Configurable matrix display function for comparing the performance of individual fill-heads o Quick scrolling between samples. These are the typical type of plastic injection mold. This function is therefore a great advantage when using FreeWeigh.Net for quality control in the plastics industry. What can the new "Release criteria" module do? FreeWeigh.Net's easily definable set of release criteria helps you to decide whether or not a batch can be released for delivery. The choice of available release criteria includes the quality rating assessment (QR) as well as criteria based on sample and statistics data that can be activated separately. This enables early detection in cases where a batch is showing a tendency towards not being ready for release, enabling timely countermeasures to be implemented before the batch is finished. In addition to these enhancements, we have also implemented a range of fine-tuning improvements in FreeWeigh.Net that significantly improve ease-of-use, quality control functions, device connection, and conformity with system environments and regulatory measures.


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