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Dynamic Systems Announces the Release of the CheckMate SQL Applications for Contractors

Press release date: April 15, 2014

Redmond, WA – Dynamic Systems, a leading provider of Barcode Tracking Solutions since 1981, is pleased to announce the launch of an SQL database on all Checkmate Solutions. Applications include: ID Badge Systems, Tool and Equipment Management, Job Costing, Time and Attendance, and Inventory Management.

The SQL update will be applicable to”

Equipment Tracking Software - Tracks who has it, where it is, and when it is due back. Also keeps track of maintenance and service due on equipment.

Document Tracking – Tracks plans and other important documents and files. Establish a paper trail for quick and easy chain of custody.

Inventory Management is one of the critical components that can affect a contractor’s bottom line. Stockroom can track materials leaving the warehouse to assure that they are used on the job and any items left over are returned.

“SQL software solutions give Dynamic Systems a lot of flexibility in designing new applications” stated Bill Allen, Process Control Specialist.

“We are extremely pleased with the development and upgrade to SQL and now we are ale to rapidly add features and perform updates,” stated Alison Falco, President of Dynamic Systems.

Rob Freeman, V.P. Business Development
800-342-3999 X 208


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