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DFT Inc. Acquires New Doosan 700 Puma, Drastically Improves Productivity, Cuts Costs

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DFT Inc. Acquires New Doosan 700 Puma, Drastically Improves Productivity, Cuts Costs

Press release date: August 16, 2012

Exton, PA, - DFT Inc, an industry leader in producing in-line check valves for more than 65 years, is proud to announce it has acquired a new Doosan Puma 700 machine, which will greatly aid its productivity and save time for both its customers and its workers.

The Puma is a large-sized high-performance turning center designed for heavy duty cutting, and it's capable of machining a workpiece in large diameter bylarge diameter valve casting with its three-step gear box-type spindle. It has a motor power of 45 kilowatts, and a max torque of 6,605 Nm. It also has a maximum machining length of 1.6m on a 3.2m long bed.

"This will allow us to increase our manufacturing capabilities, even doubling our capabilities for high-capacity machining," said Jeff Kane, the sales and marketing manager for DFT. "The Doosan will do larger diameter and higher pressure class valves that we couldn't do ourselves before, we'd have to send them out. "Now, we can do things faster, and faster deliveries will help us deliver over the competition."

"The Doosan Puma 700 will significantly cut down customers' order time; instead of a typical wait time, now orders could be finished in a shorter time period. This 4-6 weeks reduction in wait time allows us to do things faster, and faster deliveries will help us deliver better than the competition."

For more information about DFT Inc. and its roster of check valves and supply valves, please visit their website at

DFT® has been making the in-line check valves for over 65 years. It started with a customer's need for a small metal-seated check valve that could be installed in any position while providing tight shut-off. The Basic-Check® valve was developed to satisfy that need. Over the following decades, other customers' needs led to the development of the ALC®, DLC®, DSV®, Excalibur®, FBC(TM), GLC®, GPV(TM), PDC®, SCV® and WLC® styles of in-line silent check valves. Each of these DFT® in-line check valves addresses the particular needs of a modern day customer.

Our objective is to solve check valve problems and prevent check valve failures. DFT® has learned by listening to customers like you that each industry has special needs that can exceed other check valve designs. We specialize in providing in-line check valves that meet customer requirements as opposed to simply meeting line size. In some cases, minor modifications to our valves have solved customer problems by improving performance and extending service life. The "Check Valve Doctor(TM)" continues to grow from satisfying these needs and solving problems.

The DFT® silent check valves are known around the world as the valve to use to prevent or eliminate water hammer problems. Whatever your size, pressure or piping configurations, DFT® has the valve that's right for you.

Our policy is to continuously improve customer satisfaction by supplying quality products when promised at a good value in compliance with the requirements of our Quality Management System. Our objectives are:
- Reduce customer complaints
- Improve on-time delivery
- Improve delivery lead times
- Successful completion of both internal and external audits
- Improve customer satisfaction
- Eliminate scrap and rework


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