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Deposition Sciences, Inc. - Santa Rosa, CA

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Deposition Sciences Announces New Director of Marketing and Sales

Press release date: November 13, 2012

Santa Rosa, CA - Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI), manufacturer of highly durable optical thin film coatings, is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael P. Newell to the position of Director of Marketing and Sales. Dr. Newell's extensive background includes several key positions as Optical Designer (Avimo Electro-Optics - acquired by Thales), Director of Engineering (Optics 1), Director of Product Development (Advanced Digital Optics), Business Development Manager, (JDSU), and most recently as Executive Director, Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster. DSI's President and CEO Lee Bartolomei notes, "We are delighted to welcome Michael to our DSI team. With his broad-based experience in business management and business development, combined with his technical expertise in the optics arena and his strong communication and interpersonal skills, he is the perfect fit for this new position. We look forward to working closely with him to develop our coating products family and expand our leadership position, while continuing to offer the most highly durable optical thin film coatings in the marketplace." Dr. Newell has a B.S. degree from the University of Tasmania, Australia (1987), and a Ph.D. in optics/lasers from the University of Queensland, Australia (1992), and is the recipient of 13 U.S. patents. Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI) - Santa Rosa, CA - - For over 25 years, Deposition Sciences has produced the most durable optical thin film filter coatings in the industry. DSI's coating capability ranges from the ultraviolet (UV), through the visible and includes near-infrared (NIR), midwave-infrared (MWIR) and out to the longwave-infrared (LWIR). At the heart of these capabilities is DSI's patented MicroDyn reactive sputtering technology enabling superior multilayer thin film coatings for optics and other thin film technologies.


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