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Conveyor Engineering & Manufacturing to Supply Custom 55" Diameter x 44' 4" Long Conveyor Screw

Press release date: April 30, 2014

US based screw conveyor manufacturer Conveyor Engineering & Manufacturing has received an order from a global chemical company to build a custom 55" diameter x 44' 4" long conveyor screw.

Conveyor Engineering & Manufacturing was recently hired to build and deliver a 55" diameter x 44' 4" long conveyor screw for a global chemical company.. Conveyor Engineering & Manufacturing can fabricate screws ranging from 6" to 60" in diameter and up to 48' in length for a single screw. "Many of our customers are not aware that we have the ability to build conveyor screws of this magnitude", stated Marc Miller, project manager for Conveyor Engineering & Manufacturing. A complete [screw conveyor design manual __title__ Conveyor Engineering & Manufacturing screw conveyor design manual is available through Conveyor Engineering & Manufacturing's website.

Special considerations that were necessary for this project included weld-in shafts for greater overall strength due to the length of the screw and 316 stainless steel flights to withstand a coarse material along with a small amount of acetic acid used as a pre-treat solution.

Today's technology has made the [screw conveyor __title__ Standard screw conveyorone of the most efficient and economical methods of moving bulk material. Some of the advantages of screw conveyors are:

• compact and easily adapted to congested locations.
• can be used to control the flow of material in processing operations which depend upon accurate batching.
• are versatile and can be employed in horizontal, inclined and vertical installations.
• can be used as a mixer or agitator to blend dry or fluid ingredients, provide crystallization or coagulant action, or maintain solutions in suspension.
• can be sealed to prevent the escape of dust or fumes from inside the conveyor; or keep dust or moisture from entering from outside the conveyor.
• can be jacketed to serve as a drier or cooler by running hot or cold water through the jacket.
• can be made out of a variety of materials to resist corrosion, abrasion or heat, depending upon the product being conveyed.
• can be outfitted with multiple discharge points. [Conveyor Engineering & Manufacturing __title__ Conveyor Engineering & Manufacturingis a full service supplier of screw conveyor equipment and general fabrication specialization in stainless steel. The company was established in a small shop outside Shueyville, Iowa in 1977 and now resides in a new 116,000 square foot location in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Conveyor Engineering & Manufacturing offers full service engineering capabilities ranging from FEA Analysis to System 3-D Modeling. Manufacturing capabilities are enhanced by the latest in equipment operated by well trained and experienced operators.


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