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Company's Highest-Performing Water-Based PSA Earns Coveted BS 5609 Certification for Marine Use

Press release date: August 25, 2014

Franklin Adhesives Polymers’ Covinax 383-19, developed for use in extreme environmental conditions, shows how tough it is during underwater testing for Section 2 of the Standard
 BS 5609: 1986, “Printed Pressure-Sensitive, Adhesive Coated Labels for Marine Use.”

If a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) adheres for at least three months in seawater, it’s tough enough to stand among the few PSAs certified for Marine Use - and to be used on labels for containers of hazardous materials.

Franklin Adhesives Polymers has announced that its highest-performing water-based PSA – Covinax 383-19- survived those arduous conditions, meeting Section 2 of the Standard
BS 5609: 1986, “Printed Pressure-Sensitive, Adhesive Coated Labels for Marine Use,” when coated on white vinyl face on paper liner.

The coveted certification means that label manufacturers and coaters now can use Covinax 383-19, on suitable face sheet, for labels intended for containers storing hazardous materials.

Franklin developed this vinyl acrylic copolymer for demanding environments, including inclement weather, that necessitate a durable label adhesive. It maintains a strong bond over a wide range of temperatures and extreme conditions- including extended submersion in the ocean. It has optimum balance of peel and shear for these applications and works on many surfaces, most notably, on corrugate box, stainless steel and most polymeric surfaces.

Although it performs well in tough environments, Covinax 383-19 is easy to use. It is coater-ready, resists cold flow and die cuts and converts well, giving dry edges to finished sheets and rolls.

Franklin Adhesives Polymers’ highest performer joins a broad offering of PSAs produced under the brand names Covinax, Acrynax and Micronax for an array of coating applications. They range from PSAs for use on labels for delicate fruit to this product, for use in the toughest exterior conditions.

More information on Covinax 383-19 and its sister PSAs is available at, via email at or by phone,1.800.877.4583 (Franklin Adhesives Polymers Technical Service).

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