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Come to CAS DataLoggers with Your Project, Leave with Your Solution

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Come to CAS DataLoggers with Your Project, Leave with Your Solution

Press release date: January 2, 2013

We're Redesigning our Homepage to Make Buying a Data Logger Even Easier At CAS DataLoggers we're making substantial changes to our homepage to arrange it similarly to our Applications page which features an accessible matrix layout. Now you'll be able to quickly navigate all our data logging products according to your specific project needs along with the measurement types you require. It's easier than ever to find the ideal device for your particular project that fits neatly into any budget. We're also changing our Lascar dataloggers page over to the product matrix design of our popular T&D dataloggers page so it's even easier to navigate. Our Lascar USB data loggers provide an inexpensive and easy to use solution for stand-alone data recording. The built-in USB interface makes connection to a PC for setup and downloading data a snap. Our Lascar dataloggers will be organized by their measurement types including Temperature loggers, combo Temp and Humidity loggers, Carbon Monoxide loggers, DC Voltage, DC Current, and Event. We also offer LCD versions and WiFi loggers which automatically communicate readings back to a PC using a Wi-Fi network, instantly registering alarm breaches on both the device and the PC screen. There's also a page for our handheld DataPad Data Collector, which lets you collect readings from all your loggers without having to manually retrieve them all and bring them to a PC. You can also configure and setup all your loggers at once in the field. T&D is Japan's #1 manufacturer of temperature and humidity datalogging systems, offering compact, water-proof temperature loggers for harsh environments; wireless temperature/humidity/voltage data loggers; temperature and humidity loggers with USB or Ethernet interfaces; and micro web servers. These popular products see common use in many varied applications including transportation and warehousing, food processing and storage, industrial manufacturing and processing, agriculture, and more. CAS DataLoggers provides businesses and organizations with the technology to cut their labor costs, save time, and measure their vital parameters at high accuracy. Every day, CAS DataLoggers provides solutions for projects in every size and field from cold chain temperature monitoring, real-time data acquisition for industry, wireless monitoring systems installed in hospitals, and many more. We have the most comprehensive selection of data logging equipment available anywhere, offering hundreds of different models from over 16 popular manufacturers. Models ranging from 1 to 300 channels record a wide range of critical parameters including temperature, humidity, force/strain, and pressure, as well as voltage, current, digital signals, serial (RS-232/RS-485), CAN/OBD, or SDI-12 devices. CAS DataLoggers is a major distributor of data loggers, data acquisition systems and paperless chart recorders selling directly to end users and also working through a network of distributors and resellers throughout the US, Canada, Central and South America. Give us a call and our Applications Specialists will guide you to all the product's specifications and capabilities so you can see for yourself before choosing the ideal product for your specific project. CAS DataLoggers Applications Specialists have a combined 100 years of electrical engineering experience to help you find what you need. Our experienced team also suggests and provides sensors/transducers and offer value-added services including plug and play systems, expert technical support, custom programming and design, on-site installations, and more. For more information on our USB and WiFi Lascar dataloggers, our wired and wireless solutions from T&D, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at Contact Information:
CAS DataLoggers, Inc.
12628 Chillicothe Road
Chesterland, Ohio 44026
(440) 729-2570
(800) 956-4437


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