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Comco to Exhibit at IMTS New AccuFlo(TM) Micro-Abrasive Blaster on Display

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Comco to Exhibit at IMTS New AccuFlo(TM) Micro-Abrasive Blaster on Display

Press release date: July 1, 2008

Burbank, CA - Comco Inc. industry leader in the manufacture of micro-abrasive blasters will demo the new AccuFlo(TM) micro-abrasive blaster at IMTS (Booth B-7119) September 8-13, 2008. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the how Comco's microblasting equipment can quickly and accurately deburr small parts, remove conformal coating and texture surfaces. The AccuFlo(TM) is the first abrasive blaster to be equipped with the patented Simoom(TM) Technology - an innovative system of mixing air and abrasive to improve flow consistency. The result is tighter control over the volume of powder flowing through the machine. This gives the AccuFlo(TM) the flexibility to be used in a wider range of applications as well as giving it the increased powder flow to cut processing times on traditional ones. The AccuFlo(TM) also features a new ergonomically designed handpiece. Not only is the design more comfortable to use, it also has less wear points for longer life. A larger media tank features a clear top for easy checking of the powder level. Easy-to-read LCD counters for to keep track of blast cycles and hours of use, providing simple milestones for maintenance. An open design with color-coded air lines and connectors facilitate regular maintenance. Find out more about the Comco's new AccuFlo at or at the International Manufacturing Technology Show, booth B-7119. Comco is the industry leader in micro-abrasive blasting technology and creator of the award-winning MicroBlaster®. Established in 1968, Comco's innovative thinking and high quality standards have been key to Comco's success. Micro-abrasive blasters are used for deburring, surface preparation, selective cleaning, material removal and focused cutting in a variety of industries including medical manufacturing, microelectronics, precision machining and the aerospace industry. Comco prides itself on its high quality products and excellent customer service and tech support. For more information about Comco visit: For additional information, contact Kim Gardner, 818-841-5500 x106


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