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CAS DataLoggers Partners with New Brunswick Scientific

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CAS DataLoggers Partners with New Brunswick Scientific

Press release date: June 27, 2012

CHESTERLAND OH - CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce it has recently contracted with New Brunswick Scientific to supply the new TCA-3 LAN-wired Pod which provides their popular laboratory freezer models with the most cost-effective automated temperature monitoring available. Laboratory requirements for monitoring systems are especially demanding in view of their sensitive supplies, so these pods are highly accurate, securely encrypted in line with HIPAA and other privacy laws, and especially user-friendly. These devices connect to medical refrigerators and freezers and use a standard Ethernet connection to the Internet to provide hassle-free monitoring for every unit. Their turn-key operation keeps IT department involvement to a minimum-staff just plug the pods in and let them run. Advanced alarm features send multiple designees email, text and even phone messages whenever temperatures go outside safe ranges, providing cutting-edge medical monitoring. Under the new partnership, CAS DataLoggers now exclusively supplies New Brunswick with the new Ethernet pods, offering an independent all-in-one solution included with their freezers. The pod includes two probes, one for freezer monitoring and one for measuring ambient temperature. These models can work on either 50 or 60 hZ AC power and are currently available in the US and Canada. As the standard model for New Brunswick's freezers, these new dataloggers are now available for purchase on their website. Each temperature pod includes a power adapter and Ethernet cables, supporting power over Ethernet for a lower cost and easier maintenance compared to traditional wiring. New personnel soon become familiar with every aspect of the system's use, and in case of a power failure or network connection loss, these wireless pods keep operating for 6 hours on their internal lithium batteries, during which the data loggers continue to buffer data. Additionally, the new datalogging pod complies with all regulatory demands, making manual temperature checking obsolete. Users can login using any Web browser to view reports and graphs of their data and quickly change the system's setup from anywhere an Internet connection is available. These cost-effective data loggers entirely replace outdated alarm systems, increasing safety measures and decreasing staff response times while automatically sending their data to the secure servers at Rackspace, which encrypt all the data. As one of the largest data logger distributors in North America, CAS DataLoggers has provided sophisticated medical monitoring systems for many medical and academic institutions including Stanford Hospital and Clinics, the Smithsonian Institute, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, New York Hospital Queens, and the US Navy Medical Center, among many others. For more information on cost-effective medical monitoring, additional temperature dataloggers for use in labs and hospitals, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at


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