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CAS DataLoggers Now Offers Temperature Calibration

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CAS DataLoggers Now Offers Temperature Calibration

Press release date: April 11, 2012

Professionally Certified Data Loggers From the Experts CHESTERLAND OH - CAS DataLoggers is now offering customers an in-house temperature calibration service, drawing from many decades of electrical engineering knowledge and experience to deliver highly-accurate datalogging systems that can handle just about any temperature monitoring application. CAS DataLoggers has recently acquired temperature calibration equipment and provides this service for many of its temperature data loggers including Accsense, T&D, and other devices featuring external sensors. This new product support comes in response to increased demand from users across a wide variety of applications, especially in the medical and life sciences industries. Calibration is currently provided for temperature calibration, but the company also plans to expand this service to include additional calibration types including current and voltage before 2013. CAS DataLoggers currently offers temperature calibration across a range of -20°C to 100°C (-4°F to 212°F). Along with calibration, all customers receive an official Certificate of Conformity giving advance proof of regulatory compliance, and with an optional fee they also receive a data report so that customers can see their temperature data in detail. Customers in the medical industry especially benefit from documenting attesting that their dataloggers and other equipment are up to the highest accuracy standards: most recently the service was performed on a medical refrigerator as part of the sale of an Accsense system where the calibration targets were 25°, 35° and 45° Celcius. CAS DataLoggers is among a very few distributors to offer temperature calibration services, with pricing competitive with third-party calibration houses. Additionally, onsite calibration service is offered as an added convenience for customers to help them with re-certification of previously installed temperature monitoring systems and datalogging solutions. With the most comprehensive selection of data logging equipment available anywhere, CAS DataLoggers is one of the largest distributors of data loggers in North America, offering hundreds of different models from more than 16 manufacturers to satisfy almost any data recording application. These include wireless and wired solutions from Accsense, which are so easy to install that they eliminate the need for IT department involvement or costly training sessions for personnel-all these systems require is an Internet connection to start recording. Accsense wireless and LAN-based systems offer cloud-based data storage and reporting for monitoring temperature, humidity and other crucial parameters in critical applications including healthcare, health sciences, research and manufacturing. CAS DataLoggers also offers high-quality wireless dataloggers from T&D monitoring temperature, humidity, and voltage/current for industrial, environmental and life science applications. For more information on CAS DataLoggers' value-added services including customization and technical support, for details on Accsense, T&D and other temperature dataloggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at Contact Information:
CAS DataLoggers, Inc.
12628 Chillicothe Road
Chesterland, Ohio 44026
(440) 729-2570
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