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CAS DataLoggers' New Applications Note Webpage is Live

Original Press Release

CAS DataLoggers' New Applications Note Webpage is Live

Press release date: January 26, 2012

CAS DataLoggers has recently redesigned its website to offer visitors an extensive collection of original applications notes detailing dozens of case studies and examples where CAS has helped customers of all industries and projects to find their ideal datalogging or data acquisition solutions. Several unique products are highlighted in these articles showing readers how the right solution can save time, cut costs and simplify data collection and storage, whether they're small businesses roasting coffee or growing grapes to large manufacturers working in automotive design verification, natural gas harvesting, and more. This growing collection is now available at and is also downloadable in .pdf format. The new webpage lists features a comprehensive collection of applications notes and case studies listed by category, involving many common industries including food and agriculture, environmental, life sciences, construction, automotive, energy monitoring, and more. These informative studies showcase a broad selection of sophisticated data loggers and data acquisition devices as they're used in a range of demanding projects from temperature monitoring to real-time data collection and analysis. Check out the advanced capabilities and functionality of these devices offering remote monitoring, wireless communication, automated alarming and messaging, high-speed data acquisition, and more. These illustrative stories feature datalogging solutions from bestselling manufacturers including dataTaker, Grant, T&D, Accsense, and more. Readers can also get a glimpse of the most sophisticated data acquisition systems available from ADwin, Delphin, Novus, and more. Throughout the articles are several links leading to individual product pages with detailed information on specifications, software, and accessories. Additional guidance can be found on the homepage at http:/, which features products from popular manufacturers grouped by brand, measurement, and application. Links are provided for visitors to quickly request a quote, product information, and even to enter a live chat with an experienced Applications Specialist for more advice on finding the right datalogger. More support is found in dropdown menus for news, technical tutorials, and a helpful product selection guide that quickly covers all the basics of how to choose the ideal solution. For more information on intelligent datalogging solutions ideal for any industry and application, advanced data acquisition devices to handle more demanding projects, or get helpful suggestions to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at


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