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CAS DataLoggers Introduces New Energy Recorder Kit

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CAS DataLoggers Introduces New Energy Recorder Kit

Press release date: March 12, 2012

SR-1R Energy Data Logger for Site/Installation Surveys CHESTERLAND OH - CAS DataLoggers has recently begun distributing economical data logging products from new manufacturer Electrocorder to offer customers the new SR-1R Energy Data Logger Kit, fully equipped to handle a large variety of solar irradiance recording applications. This comprehensive kit includes a logger, FREE Electrosoft graphing software, a serial lead, pyranometer & plug-in mains 12Vdc PSU. Widely used for measuring solar irradiance in site and installation surveys, either for proposed solar energy installations or to assess existing systems, the SR-1R is a single-channel PV logger designed to allow users to monitor and record up to 1500W/m-2 over a prolonged period. This low-cost logger also supports continual data sampling resulting in highly-accurate surveys. Setting up the Electrocorder is easy for veteran users and non-technical users alike. Using the supplied Electrosoft Windows software, just input the location details for the logging and choose the logging period. Electrosoft will print the necessary dispatch/return documentation including user instructions. All data is included in a database of dispatches and returns, allowing users to track location of multiple loggers. When these loggers start recording, they sample every channel 16 times every 20ms. Users can select an averaging period to suit each situation, accurate to ±5% of reading. At the end of each averaging period, 3 quantities are saved for each channel: the True RMS average, the Maximum, which is the highest value during the period, and the Minimum. In this way the datalogger will record all the peaks and troughs which are one 20ms or longer. The kit also utilizes a constant sampling technique to give users the most accurate picture of their survey data, unlike the single snapshot reading of competing products. The electrocorder will start recording when its green start button is pressed and stop recording when its 32,000-value (10 bit, TRMS) memory is full, providing up to 300 days of continuous reading. Recording status is clearly shown by a flashing green light and completion by a red light, while the solar irradiance levels are stored along with dates and times. With the back-up battery, the Electrocorder can continue to record for about a week on battery power alone, and can log indefinitely with the 12V PSU. Stored data is uploaded to a PC for analysis via the supplied RS232 cable. Using Electrosoft, the recorded solar irradiance levels, dates, and times can all be viewed in both tabular and graphical form, exported to a spreadsheet, or saved to file. Graphs can be printed showing the recorded levels and the allowable tolerance bands. Electrosoft also provides an internal database which effectively manages the distribution of multiple units. This particular model is specifically designed to monitor one solar irradiance channel, allowing users to record the irradiance at a given site. CAS DataLoggers offers a full range of Electrocorder voltage and current dataloggers to suit many logging situations and user requirements, from one to three channels, single-phase, and three-phase models with a variety of recording ranges. For more information on the SR-1R Energy Data Logger Kit, other Electrocorder voltage and current data loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at Contact Information:
CAS DataLoggers, Inc.
12628 Chillicothe Road
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