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CAS DataLoggers Adds New Low-Cost Electrical Manufacturer

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CAS DataLoggers Adds New Low-Cost Electrical Manufacturer

Press release date: February 29, 2012

ElectroCorder Data Loggers Monitoring Power and Energy Usage CHESTERLAND OH - CAS DataLoggers is now distributing datalogging products from trusted UK manufacturer Electrocorder to provide customers with low-cost electrical logging devices monitoring power and energy usage. CAS has added this latest product line in direct response to increased customer inquiries for specific solutions to their HVAC power metering and submetering applications, enabling users to measure and prove energy savings opportunities to clients, find the causes of power spikes and failures, fluctuations in power, view energy consumption, and more. CAS DataLoggers is now offering these economical solutions which include the Electrocorder EC-6VA Three-phase Datalogger Kit, a convenient solution recording both voltage and current to view kilowatt hours as a result of logging and which includes clamps, Rogowski coils, voltage leads and transducers-everything users need for their power metering projects. Electrical contractors, energy audit consultants, facilities managers and industrial and power distribution companies all require low-priced solutions, and with them in mind, Electrocorder industrial voltage & current dataloggers monitor several different parameters including power/energy, voltage, current, temperature, renewables, irradiance, gas, and power quality. These products are ideal for ongoing datalogging to identify issues with supply and equipment; to calculate the financial value of future energy savings; and as low-cost investments for long-term energy savings. Another major advantage of Electrocorder products is that these dataloggers constantly sample every cycle multiple times (recording the Min, Max and Average) over the set period, as opposed to many other products which can only take brief snapshot samples and miss 99.9% of the data critical to accurate analysis. The EC-6VA three-phase datalogger kit is a self-contained current and high-voltage solution allowing users to view onsite power consumption given in kilowatt hours as a result of logging. Equipped with three voltage channels measuring 30-500Vac (30-300V at single phase) and three current channels measuring 400A, 1kA, 2kA or 3kAac, the kit comes standard at a durable IP43 rating and is also available in IP65 and NEMA 12/4 versions. The kit includes the logger itself, 4 voltage leads, 3 Rogowski coils, a USB lead, and free software, all in a handy carrying case. The EC-6VA monitors both power (kW) and energy (kWh) usage, recording voltage and current variations to diagnose any related issues or to gather data, for example to make representations to power suppliers. USB connectivity is supported via the provided USB lead. Voltage optimization is another suitable application for the three-phase kit: sites fitted with a voltage optimization system often benefit from reductions for energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions. The Electrocorder lets users monitor and view their present incoming voltage levels as the first step in voltage optimization. The kit also sees frequent use in UPS sizing/monitoring and standby generator sizing/monitoring; as the data logger records both voltage and current, users can determine if low voltage is related to high current demands onsite or if the low voltage is being supplied to the site. The included Rogowski coils fit around 140mm diameter cables and break open at the black joint, allowing them to be placed around the cables without having to break the main circuit. Additionally, specialized Electrosoft software is included FREE with every Electrocorder unit to assist with interpretation of data, enabling users to define the voltage to plot power and energy, then simply upload their recorded data via USB to a PC for analysis with Electrosoft. Dave Clark, Applications Specialist with CAS DataLoggers, explained the new three-phase datalogger kit's appeal: "Our cost-effective Electrocorder kit has everything customers need for power metering projects, all in a complete package priced well under $2000. Customers can also view kilowatt hours as a result of logging, ideal for HVAC users who need to view power consumption for their clients and customers." For more information on the Electrocorder EC-6VA Three-Phase Datalogger, other exciting new Electrocorder voltage/current dataloggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at Contact Information:
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