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Brookfield Names Mr. Baumann as Managing Director for Brookfield Germany

Press release date: May 8, 2014

Brookfield is pleased to announce the appointment of Gerhard Baumann as the new Managing Director for Brookfield GmbH headquartered in Lorch, Baden-Wuerttemberg. Located near Stuttgart, this office manages all Sales and Service for Brookfield laboratory customers in Germany. Sales offices are located in Duesseldorf (Langenfeld), Frankfurt, Munich (Friedberg) and Dresden in addition to the main office in Lorch.

Mr. Baumann takes responsibility for the full line of Brookfield laboratory instruments including viscometers, rheometers, circulating water baths, texture analyzers and powder flow testers. Brookfield is the recognized leader in these areas of physical test measurement on flow behavior for both RD organizations as well as Quality Control Departments.

Mr. Baumann brings extensive experience in the instrumentation field with various German corporations to the Brookfield team. Beginning after high school, Mr. Baumann pursued work as a laboratory assistant at Hoechst AG, one of Europes largest conglomerate corporations. He served for a few years as a professional lab technician and then undertook an additional apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. Mr. Baumann subsequently earned the Bachelor of Business Administration and Operations. He has worked for various companies in the chemical industry providing both inside sales and field service. Most recently Mr. Baumann spent eight years managing a company selling laboratory equipment.

For additional information about Brookfield GmbH, please contact Mr. Baumann at +49-821-71 0652 71 or via email at


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