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Amimon SkyLink Unleashes a New Benchmark in UAV/UGV Image Capture Technology

Press release date: May 12, 2014

Wireless HD Video and Control Transmission Solution with Zero Latency

Orlando, FL – Amimon, the industry innovator for wireless HD video and bi-directional control transmissions with zero latency, is showcasing their groundbreaking SkyLink solution for UAV, UGV and virtually any unmanned mobile platform application here at AUVSI 2014.

SkyLink empowers new content creation capabilities by redefining how cameras are operated on mobile platforms. With Amimon's wireless video link, a camera operator with a hand-held monitor can be up to 6000 feet (2000m) away from the camera – viewing HD video and controlling what the camera sees with absolutely no delay – while a second operator controls the mobile device's movement and makes it fly, run, swoop or spin. The unique zero latency link enables video to be captured in new, exciting ways through remote control of the camera framing. Plus Amimon SkyLink technology delivers the exceptional performance and range capabilities previously only available from wireless systems that currently sell for ten times as much.

"Amimon SkyLink is driving the video acquisition of the most innovative mobile camera systems. SkyLink truly sets the camera free from control and monitoring functions," said Ram Ofir, CEO, Amimon. "With this technology in place, cameras can fly, ski, sail and run while operators maintain full control of the framing, focus and other important control functions."

Sebastian Seidel, CEO of UAV manufacturer Globe Flight GmbH said of Amimon SkyLink, the company's premium zero latency HD video solution: "Customers report excellent results in image quality, robustness and extended range. With SkyLink mounted on a Multicopter we gained the ability to transmit HD live with perfect quality at a much lower cost. UAV makers and operators have been waiting a long time for Amimon's SkyLink."

Tabb Firchau, Owner of FreeFly Systems said, "At FreeFly we are passionate about the intersection of Art and Technology. Our customers put our products in amazing situations … Amimon wireless technology combined with the Freefly MVI removes the technical limitations and allows artists to focus on creating incredible shots."

Amimon's SkyLink family of products includes:

• Sky-504: Wireless transmitter with HDMI interface and receiver with 3GSDI interface for wireless HD video and control up to 1500 feet (500M) – already available in mass production (MP)
• Sky-503: Wireless transmitter with HDMI interface and receiver with 3GSDI interface. Using high gain directional antenna on the receiving side system provides wireless HD video and control up to 6000 feet (2000M) – pre-orders available; MP scheduled for Q3 • Sky-604: Wireless transmitter and receiver with 3GSDI interface for wireless HD video and control up to 1500 feet (500M) – pre-orders available; MP scheduled for Q3
• Sky-508: Wireless transmitter and receiver with HDMI interface for wireless HD video and control up to 1500 feet (500M) – pre-orders available; MP scheduled for Q3

With the widest range of HD wireless solutions available, Amimon provides proprietary wireless mobile camera technology with fast location deployment, outstanding flexibility and real-time control unprecedented at this price point. Lightweight, compact Amimon products are plug-and-play and PCB-ready for embedding in any chassis or device.

For more information or to schedule a meeting about Amimon's mobile camera solutions email

About Amimon
Wireless HD video connectivity is creating a revolution in content creation and consumption. AMIMON, a market leader in zero latency wireless HD video, has invented exclusive technology to harness the power of mobile cameras and fixed video sources, to bring HD content to remote display screens or distribution switches. A founding member of the WHDI, AMIMON employs semiconductors and systems utilizing its core technology to deliver convenience and flexibility to create, transmit and view content on remote devices with the highest image quality.

AMIMON is headquartered in Herzlia, Israel, with offices in Santa Clara, Calif.; Tokyo, Japan; Taipei, Taiwan and Shenzhen, China. To connect with AMIMON, visit


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