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AMD2012-CE3 High Voltage Amplifier

Press release date: June 5, 2014

The AMD2012-CE3 is a dual output high voltage power supply with one fixed 500 volt output, and one variable output from 0 Volt to 2KV. This power supply is specifically designed for the Macro Fiber Composite (MFC) actuator. Use of the bias supply allows a range of -500 volts to +1500 volts to be applied to the MFC. The AMD2012-CE3A has a direct analog interface and the AMD2012-CE3B has a PWM input interface. It is designed to be operated in mobile environments where size, weight and battery operation as supply is required.

• Two power supplies are included: a variable supply from 0 V to 2000 V, and a fixed 500 V supply, for bias.
• Charge time for a 70 nf capacitance load is 0.1 sec max. from 0 V to 2000 V (-500 to +1500V at MFC). This requires about 4 W of peak input power during charging.
• An active discharge circuit is employed for removal of the charge stored by the MFC when the control voltage is altered. The charge removal is controlled, so that only as much charge is removed as needed.
• Input voltage - 10 to 15 volts. Reverse polarity protected. Includes a self-resetting (thermal) fuse.
• Mechanical dimensions are 50mm by 75mm (2” x 3”). Height does not exceed 25mm (1”) for the tallest components (located on one edge of the PCB). Components are mounted on both sides of the PCB. Note - High voltages are present on both sides of the PCB.
• The control pin provides a linear function of input voltage to output voltage for the 2 kV power supply. The control pin operates over a 0 to 11 volt range for a 0 to 2000 volt output. An enable line will be provided to shut down all power supplies to save power consumption, and for safety.

Operational Parameters
Input Voltage: 10 to 15V DC
Output Voltages: 0 to +2000V and -500V fixed (bias)
Frequency range: < 30Hz
Output Power: < 4 W
Voltage modes: unipolar, bipolar
Temperature range: 0 to 70C
Control input: 0 to 11V, or PWM

Application areas for AMD2012CE3

• High voltage power supply for Piezo ceramic and piezo composites
• Applications requiring structural deformation (Morphing), i.e. spoiler, rudders, valves etc.
• Small UAVs, flight control surfaces
• RF-models, flight models, ship models

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