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AM8014-CE1 and AM4014-CE1 High Voltage DC-DC Power Supplies

Original Press Release

AM8014-CE1 and AM4014-CE1 High Voltage DC-DC Power Supplies

Press release date: June 5, 2014

(Preliminary Specification Dec. 2013)

The AM4014-CE1 and the AM8014-CE1 are micro-controller based variable high voltage power supplies with a regulated Vout range from 1.0kV to 4.0kV with the AM4014-CE1 type and 1.0kV to 8.0kV with the AM8014-CE1 type. These power supplies with micro-controller based features add flexibility for the designer to optimize the required voltage levels to attain the peak performance levels of their equipment or system with one multi-featured power device for a complete range system evaluation.

With lower component count because of the micro-controller, the cost to manufacture is lower compared to previous design methodologies for the cost conscience design requirements or for smaller quantity product runs.

AM Power Systems can design a custom power supply within this specification for any application that requires a more specific requirement and has a high volume, lower price potential to justify the NRE costs.


ELECTRICAL Specifications:
• Micro-controller based for a wide range of output voltages [1kV to 8kV with a low input voltage. Plus or minus output voltage polarity available. Linear Control input for output voltage set point (0 to 5Vdc).
• Enable pin available for safety and on/off control.
• Output voltage regulation [± 3% tolerance.
• Maximum Power Rating: 2 Watts.
• Output voltage drift ± 1%.
• Input Voltage Range: 4 to 14 volts.
• Input Current requirement: 1 amp maximum at min input voltage.
• Reverse polarity protected with self-resetting (thermal) fuse.
• Micro-controller based for easy increase of output voltages using on-board multiplier capability for Vout of up to 8KV (or, optionally higher in multiples of 4kV).

MECHANICAL Specifications:
• Input/output connections are solder posts.
• PCB material is standard FR-4
• A clear silicon coating is applied for PCA protection from dirt, grime and other possible surface contaminates
• PCB size is 2.5" X 3.8"

Price and Delivery:
QTY          AM4014-CE1            AM8014-CE1
1-3 –         $255.00                     $285.00
4-7 –         $235.00                     $259.00
8-12 –       $218.00                     $245.00

Contact factory for delivery details

Contact Information:
AM Power Systems
PO #1492
Dayton, NV 89403
Attn: Ron Engelbrecht
[C 408-691-3738

AM Power Systems P.O. #1492, Dayton, NV 89403 Tele: 775-241-4138,


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