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Addition to Elastocon Website Offers Most Complete and Free Conversion Calculator to Plastics Industry

Elastocon TPE Technologies, Inc. - Rochester, IL

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Addition to Elastocon Website Offers Most Complete and Free Conversion Calculator to Plastics Industry

Press release date: November 28, 2010

ROCHESTER, IL (November 28, 2010) - A special 34 component conversion calculator, free to use and designed to aid plastics designers, processors and marketers, is now available on the newly redesigned and enhanced website,, from Elastocon TPE Technologies. Elastocon TPE Technologies, Inc. is a leading formulator and supplier of general purpose and specialty thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) and thermoplastic olefins. Arguably the most comprehensive units converter available to the plastics industry in a single resource, this free service enables visitors to convert any of 34* categories - from basic temperature (C and F) and volume (lbs. to metric) conversions to density to magnetic flux to kinetic viscosity. And, where there is a relationship or need to convert from one category to another, the Elation conversion chart enables site visitors to do this. "Indeed, there are many places on the Web or on various industry sites where one can go to find various conversion tables," says Elation principal David Barks. "But," he continues, "We have created what we think is the first single conversion resource to cover most or all types of calculations most sought after or needed by our industry's plastics and elastomeric professionals." The 34 conversions possible are: time, mass, area, volume, temperature, length, angle, angular velocity, angular acceleration, velocity, acceleration, density, force, power, energy, pressure, torque, electric capacitance, electric charge, electric current, electric inductance, electric field strength, electric potential, electric resistance, electric conductance, magnetic flux, magnetic field strength, luminance, luminous intensity, viscosity dynamic, viscosity kinetic, thermal conductivity, thermal heat capacity and volume flow. For more information on Types (thermoplastic lassoers) available from Elation, contact the company at ELASTOCON TPE Technologies, Inc.
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