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Welker Ground Block Retracts Improve Weld Quality

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Welker Engineered Products, Inc.

1401 Piedmont Ave., Troy, MI, 48083, USA

Original Press Release

Welker Ground Block Retracts Improve Weld Quality

Press release date: August 19, 2014

The GB series ground block retracts offer a cost advantage over machined backups ground blocks for MIG and arc welding applications. Weld consistency is improved by producing a consistent ground even after significant electrode wear. The GB units are electrically insulated and feature lube-free design, double seals, and chrome-plated shafts. Optional copper adapter with a knurled or smooth swivel tip.

The pneumatically actuated GB3 is available in four retract stroke lengths 25-75mm to allow easy part removal or transfer. Part contact pressure can be adjusted with an inline regulator. Ideal for single-point welding and dial tables. Commutator grounds are eliminated on trunnions.

A spring actuated version, the S01353 requires no air supply and can be mounted directly to tooling. Ideal for robot end effectors. When a part is engaged, the nose compresses up to 12mm with 46 lbf part contact pressure. More info and videos at

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