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Independence Oilfield Chemicals Introduces New Crosslinking System, Enables Lower Chemical Content for Fluids in Unconventional Shale Fracturing

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Independence Oilfield Chemicals, LLC

1450 Lake Robbins, Suite 400, The Woodlands, TX, 77380, USA

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Independence Oilfield Chemicals Introduces New Crosslinking System, Enables Lower Chemical Content for Fluids in Unconventional Shale Fracturing

Press release date: February 28, 2014

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, -- Independence Oilfield Chemicals, LLC (IOC) has developed a new chemistry specifically designed for ultra-low polymer concentrations as part of their CoFlo(TM) (Cooperative Flow Back) initiative. Within this concept is IOC's VisFlo(TM)-100 crosslinking system (patent pending), the industry's first to combine the advantages of slickwater and guar-based systems in hydraulic fracturing.

"We're keenly interested in working with clients to co-develop products that significantly reduce chemical content while enhancing production results. In fact, our management team encourages this mindset," says Jeff Dawson, Sr. VP of Applied Technologies at IOC. "VisFlo is proven to deliver a more efficient crosslinking system -- one that focuses on elasticity to provide proppant transport while lowering guar loadings to decrease polymer damage."

VisFlo-100 represents a step-change in well stimulation.  In the early 2000s, slickwater fracs were introduced to reduce costs for shale completions.  Now, hybrid fracs (slickwater/guar) are used to improve proppant transport over slickwater. VisFlo-100 accomplishes both in a single chemistry.

"We are helping clients obtain superior results because we put production first," adds Jeff Hibbeler, CEO of IOC.  "Bottom line: VisFlo-100 will place more proppant with less chemical, less damage, and less cost.  Sometimes 'less is more,' and this is an example.  We view chemical optimization our main goal."

VisFlo-100 is just one example of IOC's commitment to bringing proprietary stimulation systems to market integrated with production chemicals to promote continuous performance improvement and savings in the oil and gas industry.

About Independence Oilfield Chemicals
Founded in 2012 by a group of globally recognized stimulation, production and cementing experts, Independence Oilfield Chemicals designs, formulates and manufactures a complete line of completion and production chemicals.  Collectively, the management team possesses over 300 years' experience in oilfield chemistry, many individuals having gained their knowledge and skills from major service companies.

Independence Oilfield Chemicals is headquartered in and maintains its Technology Center in The Woodlands, Texas. Its operational facilities are located in proximity to major North American oil and gas basins.

For more information, visit  or call 832-730-4801.

CONTACT: Sheila LeBlanc, +1.832.730.4801,

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