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ITI's Line of CF3 Indexing and Oscillating Drives

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Indexing Technologies Inc.

37 Orchard St., P.O. Box 252, Ramsey, NJ, 07446 0252, USA

Original Press Release

ITI's Line of CF3 Indexing and Oscillating Drives

Press release date: February 27, 2014

A market leading product line made by COLOMBO FILIPPETTI SPA.

CF3 Index and Oscillating Drives are double cam mechanisms having complementary profiles that transform a uniform rotary input motion into a smooth indexing or oscillating output motion. Manufactured in five standard sizes with centre distances of 40-65-80-105-130 (mm) between input and output shafts. Torque capacities are from 20 to 570 (Nm).

In the CF3 Index Drives the standard number of stations is 1-2-3-4-6-8 and the cam index periods extend to 330° in 30° increments.

The CF3 Oscillating Drives have standard angular strokes of: 15° - 20° - 30° - 45°.

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