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Featured: E-Paper Display

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Microtips Technology

3504 Lake Lynda Dr., Suite 110, Orlando, FL, 32817, USA

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Featured: E-Paper Display

Press release date: November 27, 2012

Are you in the market for an E-paper Display, well if you're not sure you probably do not realize how you can utilize all the benefits or this special technology? E-Paper or Electronic-Paper gets its name from the fact that they are designed look like ordinary ink printed on paper. This displays technology uses a reflective polarizer which does not require a backlight and can operate while consuming very little power. This product can continue to display an image after it is disconnected from its power source and is sunlight readable. The New E-paper Display from Microtips Technology offers a high contrast with a 264 x176 resolution. The E-paper display is lightweight, with a 2.7" monochrome display has an extremely wide view cone of about 90° in all directions. The slim design, measuring about a 1mm thick ensures that it will meet your mechanical requirements. Given its feature set this E-paper display technology is ideal for but not limited to: Self labeling, Security tags, Advertising boards, Energy Meters, Notice boards, Hospital patient cards & Direction signs.

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